10 Top & Best Kushala Daora Images

10 Top & Best Kushala Daora Images: Kushala Daora, one of the most searchable monster hunter. Here are Best Kushala Daora Images. After fighting through the horde of giant beasts and ferocious foes in Monster Hunter World, hunters will face their final test against the elder dragons.

These monsters are extremely powerful creatures, each with a set of their own unique mechanics that will push hunters to bring out all the tricks in their arsenal. Kushala Daora, known as the Dragon of Steel, is found residing at the very top of the Elders Recess. This monster’s metallic skin is difficult to penetrate, and its control over the wind itself will send hunters flying in battle. Here are some tips and tricks on taking down this master of the skies.

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Best Kushala Daora Images

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Kushala DaoraWeakness


Kushala Daora weaknesses:

  • Fire – Low
  • Water – Null
  • Thunder – High
  • Ice – Null
  • Dragon – Medium
  • Poison – High
  • Sleep – Low
  • Paralysis – Low
  • Blast – High
  • Stun – Medium
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