Apex Legends Next Hero Teaser Revealed

Apex Legends Next Hero Teaser Revealed: Respawn Entertainment has probably released a teaser for the next hero in Apex Legends. It is a picture that is more or less directly related to the already playable character Revenant. It may be a person who is on his trail.


Apex Legends Next Hero Teaser

There has been no new hero in the Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends since Revenant’s debut. But that could change soon. At least that’s what the latest news on the game’s official Twitter channel suggests. A picture has recently been found there that could be understood as a teaser for another character.

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It shows a kind of file with numerous sticky notes that seem to be more or less directly related to the Revenant mentioned at the beginning. The latter is known to be a murderer, whose act was shown on live TV. The Twitter picture may indicate an investigator or another person who is on the trail of Revenant and wants to put him down.


His debut could be on the program for the start of Season 5. The tweet, however, cannot escape further hints or even concrete details. The responsible developer studio Respawn Entertainment is also silent on this topic so that you have to practice patience for better or worse. But of course, we stay on the ball for you.