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  • How-to-Play-Hanzo-competitive

    How to Play Hanzo competitive [Guide]

    As discussing How to Play Hanzo competitive, a character in a game firstly we should know what type of character it is. Talking about Hanzo in Overwatch he is listed as a sniper but after playing that character we come to know that he is not really a sniper but a hero with mid-range abilities. […] More

  • Aquanox Deep Descent Release Date

    Aquanox Deep Descent Release Date (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC)

    Aquanox is one of the few games that are based on submarine simulation. It is a first-person shooter video game. The Aquanox is the name of the series that contains various games under it. The name of those games is Aquanox, Aquanox 2: Revelation and Aquanox: The Angel’s Tears and the upcoming game Aquanox: Deep […] More

  • sheltered

    SHELTERED : How To Unlock Defibrillator

    Sheltered is where the survival of the fittest takes place and it has a sticky situation which leads to the end of the life of character or player in the game. The revival of the player in these sticky situations is done by the use of DEFIBRILLATOR. Though Defibrillator was not easily available on previous […] More

  • left-4-dead-3-release-date

    Left 4 Dead 3 Release date (PS4 & Xbox)

    Left 4 Dead was first introduced to the world at the end of the year 2008 in November. In the beginning, it was developed and published by Valve South and Valve corporation. It belonged to the horror survival genre and it was based on the first-person shooter experience. Now a piece of good news for […] More

  • zelda-breath-of-the-wild-2-release-date

    Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Release Date (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC)

    The first part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild was released on 3 March 2017. Nintendo is the official publisher and developer of the game. The game was initially released for Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles. There were various comments about the game by a renowned website saying that it was […] More

  • Trials-Of-Mana-Remake-Release-Date

    Trials Of Mana Remake Release Date

    Trials of Mana Remake is the latest successor in the Mana series. The game is available for various platforms like Nintendo, Playstation and personal computer. Now there is a piece of good news about the Trials Of Mana Remake Release Date.  Trials Of Mana Remake Release Date Mana series was first started in the year […] More

  • Best Low Spec MMP PC games

    MMORPG Games for Low Specification PC

    Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG  are role-playing video games, which is played online on a massively large number. The starting of these massively multiplayer online games like many other online games is always from a low level or rank to a high level. The upgrading of levels or ranks is done through […] More

  • Best Low Spec MMP PC Games

    Sony online entertainment, Arena net, Blizzard Entertainment, Day Break game company, Standing Stone Games, Turbine, Gravity interactive are some of the leading companies to provide Best Low Spec MMP PC Games. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games or MMORPG  are role-playing video games, which is played online on a massively large number. The starting of these massively […] More

  • darksiders-3-errors-&-solutions

    Darksiders 3 Errors & Solutions

    Darksiders 3 is a product of American Studios Gunfire Games with the publisher THQ Nordic. It is an action-adventure combat video game. Like any other video game Darksiders 3 also suffers from some errors and glitches sometimes. Darksiders 3 Errors & Solutions in the game can be easily sorted out by just following a few steps mentioned below. […] More