Bloodborne 2 Release Date: Sony’s PS5 Exclusive?

The company already started the development of the second part, but the question is when the Bloodborne 2 Release Date is going to announce? Bloodborne 2 is an upcoming video game, developing by FromSoftware. The first part of this game was released in 2015 for Sony PlayStation 4.


When is Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Bloodborne part one was launched in 2015 and had really good success. People love the storyline and the graphics, in short, the whole game. Now many game lovers are expecting the Bloodborne 2 Release Date to get announced. As per the experts, the game is going to release in 2021, later there was an expectation about the release date announcement in 2019, which never happened. But one publisher also commented that “as we know the game is still under development game and due to coronavirus crises all over the world game will not going to launch in 2021, it will take more time to hit the market”.

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Bloodborne 2: PlayStation5 Game?

The first part of the series was launched in 2015 for sony gaming console PS4. There is a good chance that the second part will be for PS4 as well as PS5. There are also some rumours about the game platforms that the game will be available for Windows as well as Xbox Series. Still, there is no official statement on this when we asked the developer.

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Will Bloodborne 2 ever happen?

Till now there is no accurate answer that Bloodborne 2 happens or not. But there was a hint given by Hidetaka Miyazaki to one of Spanish website that is,

Okay, yes. Actually, this is exactly the conversation that my team and I had. It’s the kind of conversation we keep during development, because there are Easter eggs … However … The easter egg in itself is not indicative that we are going to launch Bloodborne 2. I’m not in a position to talk about a possible release of Bloodborne 2 However, we love Bloodborne; that’s why this easter egg has aroused so much curiosity. But, I repeat, it’s not a Bloodborne 2 notice. It’s just something that we explored among ourselves, because we love Bloodborne

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