Borderlands 3 Latest Update: A Big Update & New Events

Borderlands 3 Latest Update: Gearbox Software is releasing a major update for Borderlands 3 today. So far, there is no specific time. However, it can be assumed that the activation will start around 6 p.m. At the same time, the launch of a new mini-event should also take place: In the galactic loot, you travel four weeks through the Borderlands 3 solar system to secure your legendary loot. With today’s patch, chaos mode 2.0 and the seasonal event Revenge of the Cartels also come into the first-person shooter.


Borderlands 3 Latest Update

The big Borderlands 3 update is about to start: Today a new patch is released. So far there is no time for the activation. However, it can be assumed that the update will be available for download around 6 p.m. At this time, the first event of the new mini-event series “Galactic Prey” should start in the first-person shooter. More Borderlands 3 Latest Updates given down below.

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Legendary loot awaits players once again. Every week during the event, a planet in Borderlands 3 becomes a gold mine for prey. This increases the likelihood that certain types of legendary prey will appear in a zone of the respective planet. It starts today, at 6 p.m., with Pandora. This is followed by Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo.

Borderlands 3 Latest Update News

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Chaos mode 2.0 is at the forefront of today’s Borderlands 3 update. As usual, the chaos mode will be unlocked as soon as you have completed the main story. You will then be given the opportunity to adjust the level of difficulty. With today’s patch, the chaos mode receives various improvements and adjustments.

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Gearbox Software wants to offer an ongoing and rewarding challenge. To activate the mode or the chaos level in the future, you no longer have to visit Sanctuary 3. Instead, there is a new tab in your ECHO device.


There are more than 25 modifications in the categories of light, medium, difficult, and very difficult. For example, there is the Mod Galaxishirn, which enlarges the heads of the opponents to make it easier to land critical hits. In the case of difficult, there is a drone ranger who spawns a healing drone over your opponents.

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The quality of the weapons that your opponents drop will improve as you level up. “For example, a Cutsman SMG that is dropped at Chaos Level 2 is stronger than one that is dropped at Chaos Level 1,” the developers said. There are also eight new legendary weapons that you can only get from bosses if you play at Chaos Level 6 or higher.

Borderlands 3 Latest Update: New seasonal event

Today’s update for Borderlands 3 is rounded off with the start of the seasonal event Revenge of the Cartels. The event, which runs until June 4, brings a new location, fresh enemy types, time-limited challenges, and lots of loot, including new legendary and anointed objects.

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You will receive the order from Maurice on board Sanctuary 3. Complete it to reach Villa Ultraviolet. There you take on hordes of Eridium cartel members belonging to one of three different gangs. Each course has its own sub-bosses. Every time you lock the mansion, one of the other gangs fills the power vacuum. You never fight the same gang twice in a row during the event. This is all for the Borderlands 3 Latest Update and news. Comment down your views over it.