Cloudpunk Review 2020 Game: Cyberpunk Fun with a Voxel Look

Cloudpunk Review 2020 Game: What can go wrong during a night shift? Protagonist Rania should have asked herself this question better before she started working for the shady, eponymous courier company Cloudpunk. In an unspecified future of Cyberpunk, we find ourselves in Rania’s shape in Nivalis, a very vertically built mega-metropolis, with nothing else but a lot of debt and our head on the police wanted list and therefore unable to do so from the beginning to reject a questionable job offer.


So Rania struggles with her robot dog Camus during the eight to nine-hour campaign through a single, but all the more eventful night shift. What starts as a normal courier service soon turns out to be a life-threatening gauntlet run full of secrets, corruption and conspiracies.

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Cloudpunk Review 2020 Game


This becomes clear at the latest when the protagonist notices that she is currently delivering a bomb.

Cloudpunk Review: The Longest Night

The story of Cloudpunk is largely told through dialogues that are completely set to music, in which the player is repeatedly urged to make moral decisions.

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For example, in the face of a potentially fatal gas leak, you can decide whether you’d prefer a large chunk of mammon to save a group of rich sneaks, or whether you’d rather remain morally honest and rush to help other threatened individuals like a kind doctor. The well-written dialogues and the exciting story definitely represent the heart of the adventure.

Cloudpunk Review: On land and in the air

The second cornerstone of the game is flying and running. As a courier driver of the future, you don’t sit around on the bike or in the car, but take a seat in so-called HOVA-Cars, a flying vehicle à la Blader Runner, and deliver packages in an open 3D world. The control of our first HOVA works well and feels fluid. However, our replacement HOVAs, which we get after the theft of the company car, is less easy to control. It often happens that other vehicles simply ram you to the side, or you accidentally fly against buildings or struts.


However, we are always not motorized anyway. We don’t reach all of our delivery destinations with the HOVA, so we have to get out and do our job on foot. But that is the only reason to be happy. Walking around works chunky and annoying, not only because you are naturally much slower than with the HOVA. Rania can only move in four directions. During the walking sections, it is not uncommon for the camera to turn so unfavourably that you run directly against a wall. Despite all these quirks, Cloudpunk creates an absolutely great atmosphere.

Cloudpunk Review: A city with character

Huge, dilapidated buildings that reach up to the sky; neon signs on every corner, flickering, tempting, disturbing; and the constant sound from advertising and the diabolical announcements by the government, which threaten us with the death penalty for enjoying jazz music, which further underlines the depressing mood.

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In contrast, the other aspects of futuristic city life are shown by coherent electronic beats, the omnipresent androids and generally by many details that contribute to the grandiose world-building. Cloudpunk creates a fantastic cyberpunk atmosphere, which is enhanced by the simple yet impressive voxel graphics.


The different, credible characters that you encounter during the campaign further contribute to the fact that Nivalis and her inhabitants feel like a real place. Civilians who just want to get through the day, police officers who primarily have their own well-being in mind and drug-dependent celebrities are just a few of the different people you meet.

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One of the most interesting characters is Huxley, an old espionage Android who is looking for a kidnapped girl and keeps talking about himself in the third person as if he were the hero in his own film. And then there is, for example, William, who “works his way up” from a simple vacuum cleaner android to a building manager.

Cloudpunk Review: Nothing going on in Nivalis

Atmospheric Cloudpunk is a board, not least because of the excellent dialogue. However, it is not free of errors. We not only refer to the stubborn controls both inside and outside of our car, but also to the fact that we see some of the wasted potentials for an even more intense feel. You could have got a lot more out of the big and open game world. There are side missions, but they are hardly worth mentioning.

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We would have been very happy to have additional stories told in more detail that would allow us to delve deeper into the history of Nivali. And why not integrate a few action passages? Sure, Cloudpunk is primarily an adventure. However, the game world has so much potential for other game elements, which are suggested at best, and thus functions as little more than an impressive backdrop. Nevertheless, a trip to Nivalis is very worthwhile if you are willing to overlook these weaknesses.

The Cyberpunk Adventure with role-playing elements was developed by the Berlin studio Ion Lands and is currently available for PC on Steam. Versions for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are expected to follow later this year. This is all for the Cloudpunk Review 2020 Game, stay connected with us for more updates on games.