Dell S3220DGF 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review in 2022

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Looking for Dell S3220DGF 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review? Or looking for a gaming monitor for your PC? If yes, then this Dell Gaming Monitor is for you. Dell S3220DGF comes with a 165Hz LED panel which takes the gaming experience just to the next level. There is more about this gaming monitor let’s check it out.


Today we live in a world where the computer has a lot of impact on our present-day life. The positive impact that it has on our lives is that it is helpful in our day-to-day tasks. The evolution of the computer has been from a simple machine to a lightning-fast system that can be used for both official uses as well as personal use. Apart from the corporate world, the gaming sector is one of the places where the use of computers is mostly seen these days.

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One such important component of the computer system is the monitor which plays a very important role while gaming. There is no shortage of gaming monitors in the market these days but a professional gamer always wants the best computer for himself that can provide him an advantage over his competitors. One such monitor that is well known in the market is from the Dell company, known by the name of Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor. Everything that you want to know about this monitor is given below.

Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Review

If you ever want to buy a monitor that perfectly suits your situation and fulfills your needs in every aspect, then it can be a time-consuming task for you to get that particular monitor. If you are a gaming enthusiast then you don’t need to go further to satisfy your gaming needs because this monitor will do the job for you.

Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Review
Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Review

The good thing about this Dell S3220DGF Gaming monitor is that it offers a good ergonomic design and specifications. If you want to game at 1440 pixels, then it is highly recommended for that purpose, and it also provides you with all the extra features enhancement and compatibility.

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If we talk about the specifications of this gaming monitor, it includes a 32 inches screen with 2560 X 1440 QHD resolution. The aspect ratio of the monitor is 16:9 and has Vertical Alignment (VA) panel technology. The refresh rate of the monitor is 165 Hz and the response time is less than 4 ms.

Dell S3220DGF review
Dell S3220DGF review

The contrast ratio and brightness of the monitor are 3000:1 and 400 cd/m sq. It also has a built-in speaker of 2X2 watts and is also VESA compatible. The monitor is height adjustable and is also able to tilt and swivel. For connectivity it has various ports like DisplayPort 1.4x 1, HDMI 0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 4, 3.5mm Jack x 2. The dimension of the monitor with the stand is (WxHxD): 27.9″ x 18.5″ x 9.8″ and the weight is 16.82 lbs.

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Though the monitor will first look like a normal business type, it is no less than a gaming monitor, as there are plenty of gaming features in it. Pressing any button on the monitor brings up the menu and there you have options like a status window with picture mode, HDR Mode, Black stabilizer info, and the overdrive setting.


There are also 12 picture modes in the monitor out of which 8 are designed and fixed for different game types. The default mode is standard and does not require any calibration. Though you won’t find sRGB mode here. The game enhances mode is found in the gaming menu and contains various options like a countdown timer, frame rate counter, and alignment marks for multi-screen systems. The game menu also has a free sync toggle with a three-level overdrive control.

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The Dell S3220DGF has a big 32 inch curved VA panel with a 2560X1440 p resolution. The contrast ratio of the display is rated at 3000:1, while the backlight reaches as much as 400 cd/m sq. for VESA display HDR 400 performance. The good thing is that the size combined with an 1800 mm radius makes this monitor excellent for immersive gaming, and it would be an amazing experience if have a triple head setup.



If we talk about the design of this Dell gaming monitor, we can easily say that it is a true Dell monitor as it has all business aesthetic signature that is considered suitable for any setting. Though with matte black and gunmetal, it has a simple look, it is under the hood that defines this monitor.



If we talk about the performance of this monitor, it provides a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz with a response time of 4 ms. If you are a gamer then you can easily do the math here that how good this monitor is in terms of performance.

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Best Settings for Dell S3220DGF

For Picture Mode you can keep Custom Color. The 200 nits Brightness should be kept at 57 and the 120 nits brightness should be kept at 21. The 100 and 80 nits brightness should be kept at 25 and 19 respectively. The contrast should be at 73 and the color temperature should be Gain – Red 94, Green 92, Blue 99; Offset – Red 50, Green 50, Blue 51.

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Dell S3220DGF Gaming Monitor Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Is Dell S3220DGF GSYNC compatible?
Answer: Yes, the Dell S3220DGF is GSYNC compatible.

FAQ 2: Dell S3220DGF good for gaming?
Answer: Yes, the Dell S3220DGF is one of the best monitors out there for gaming.

This is all for the Dell S3220DGF 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review. If you have any queries then do comment down below, also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

Dell S3220DGF 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review in 2022

Dell S3220DGF 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review...Dell Gaming to buy

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