DirectX 13 Release Date, Leaks, Rumors [2023]

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When is DirectX 13 Release Date? Do you wish to make gaming more exciting? Do you want to improve your multimedia experience? Then, without any doubt have a sneak peek at the latest multimedia accelerator DirectX 13. After not many modifications in DirectX 12 Ultimate, gamers are expecting more from Microsoft. Here is an inside picture about the release dates, leaks & rumors of DirectX 13.

directx 13 release date
directx 13 release date

What is DirectX?

Microsoft’s DirectX is a required combination of Application Programming Interfaces (API) which is responsible for handling tasks like providing low-level access to gaming graphics & sound & memory.

DirectX allows games to connect to hardware directly, making it easier for game designers to deliver optimized features for each configuration. Initially, there was a variety of APIs like Direct 2D, Direct3D, DirectDraw, etc. But now, Microsoft integrated all of them into DirectX.

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DirectX 13 for windows 10

Gamers have their eye on DirectX 13 after the launch of DirectX 12 Ultimate. The company releases a new version of APIs in very few cases. Most important of them being – 

  • For spending money & time to develop a new launch, 
  • There has to be significant demand.
  • A significant room for improvement.
  • Or there is something more appealing to gamers may be a new Windows version. 

On the other hand, Microsoft has already cleared to hold on to windows 10 for a while. So, it seems that though Windows 11 is still in progress, it is not releasing anytime soon. This further delays the possibility of releasing DirectX 13 for Windows 10 users.

directx 13 release date online windows
directx 13 release date online windows

DirectX 13 Release Date

Will Microsoft release DirectX 13 anytime soon? It’s a bit tricky to estimate the DirectX 13 release date and the reasons are:

  • The DirectX 12 has only been a couple of years old.
  • The failure of the amount of success Microsoft was looking for.
  • The popularity of Vulcan.

But if we look into the processing of the release of Windows 11, we can expect DirectX 13 to be released by the year-end of 2023 after the release of Windows 11. Also, you can also improve your pc performance by adding NVME M.2 SSD, check out Best NVMe M.2 SSD for Gaming PC 2023 to know more.


DirectX 13 Rumors

As we know, Microsoft refuses at every point before releasing something new it can be true for DirectX 13 as well. Microsoft, in the days of Windows 8 stated that there would be no more new license plate parts for windows.

Later, it refused to launch Windows 10. But soon, after realizing that they were not moving in the right direction, there was the release of both. Similarly, according to Microsoft insider, the release of DirectX 13 can be expected by the end of 2023 after the launch of Windows 11.

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How to Install Latest DirectX?

DirectX is usually already installed in the modern Windows Operating System, so there is no need to download it manually. To begin with, update the DirectX to the latest version your windows can support. All the version of Windows does not support all the versions of DirectX. Here’s a glimpse of how each version of DirectX works with Windows Family.

  • DirectX 12 – It only supports windows10 & is included in only that version of windows.
  • DirectX 11.4 & 11.3 – it only supports windows10. Although with updates to windows DirectX 12.0 as well.
  • DirectX 11.2 – It only supports Windows10 & windows8 (8.1+). There is no separate download available in DirectX 11.2. Any updates to this are made available in Windows updates.
  • DirectX 11.1 – It supports Windows 10 & Windows 8 & Windows7 only after installing the Platform Update for Windows 7.
  • DirectX 11.0– After installing the Platform Update for Windows Vista, it can support Windows Vista. primarily, it supports Windows 10, Windows8 & Windows 7
  • DirectX 10– It is supported successfully in Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista.
  • DirectX 9 – it is supported in Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP 

It takes around 15 minutes to install DirectX, if it is taking a long time then kindly stop the installation and redownload it, and then try to install.

Latest DirectX Manual Installation

If you don’t know how to install DirectX on your PC then follow the steps which are mentioned below. Kindly do not skip any of the steps, otherwise, you will end up with some errors.

  • Step1: Open the Microsoft site and visit the DirectX download page.
  • Step2: From the dropdown box, select your preferred language. Now, click download to save the setup file to your computer.
  • Step3: Open the dxwebsetup.exe file and complete the DirectX installation by following directions from the Microsoft website or the installation program. It should take less than a minute to install
  • Step4: Restart your computer even if you are not asked to do so.
  • Step5: After restarting, test to see if it is functional.

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Carefully read the setup procedure. It might also ask you to install some other application as well such as Bing Bar. Just be careful & uncheck whatever you are uninterested in.*

What will we see in DirectX 13? (Features)

The latest version of Windows API continues its exceptional High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) & its styled mechanical congregation for the occasion of rich sight & sound structure. Here is a list of features included in DirectX 13.

DIRECTX 13 Features
DIRECTX 13 Features
  • Some fantastic execution, other than previous changes.
  • Full circle use of multi-focus processor oversees.
  • Improved shading impacts.
  • Rendered completing progress.
  • Improvised general 3-d rendering.
  • Multi-threading.
  • lagging in accordance to show up close correct blue outcomes.
  • Pound-making Strategy.
  • Smoother & cleaner shapes.
  • Unnoticeable sections of the monster level of frameworks.
  • Provide a driving force figure for a reasonable creating charge, like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Prepared for a great combination of improved playing cards, comprising of Intel & ATI.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Will there ever be a DirectX 13?
Answer: Yes, looking forward to the expectations of Gamers & the success of Microsoft, the release of Windows 11 & DirectX 13, both can become real.

FAQ 2: Will windows 11 have DirectX 13?
Answer: Yes, Microsoft does not introduce any API until there is sufficient room for improvement. To achieve this, Windows 11 provides the best opportunity for the release of DirectX 13.

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This is all for the article, DirectX 13 Release Date is unknown but will see the update in 2023. To get the notification about the upcoming DirectX then do subscribe to our newsletter which is given down below. Also, do share the article with your friends over social media platforms.

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