Pokemon Dragapult Location, Weakness, Strengths & Movesets

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Pokemon Dragapult Location, Weakness, Strengths & Moveset covers everything you need to know about the Pokemon Dragapult locations, its strength, weakness and the moveset.

Pokemon Dragapult
Pokemon Dragapult

Have you been stuck while playing this game? No need to worry as everything you need to know about the mentioned is detailed in this guide.

Dragapult is a very wonderful Pokemon with a sword and shield. It has Dragon and Ghost typing. Let’s begin with where to find the Dragapult Pokemon.

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Dragapult Location: Where to Find?

As mentioned earlier Dragapult is in Sword and Shield, it is an evolution of Dreepy and Drakloak. About the Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult Locations, it’s difficult to get Dragapult in Sword and Shield unless by trading Drakloak, its evolution. This is because it doesn’t spawn in the wild.

After catching the Drakloak and levelling it to 60, trade it and evolution into Dragapult will occur. Then for Dreepy, you need to level up to 50  for it to evolve into Dragapult. Now you must be wondering how do you locate Drakloak?


It can be found and caught within Lake of Outrage. Its spawning chance during overcast weather between levels 55-58 is 1% while the Dreepy’s spawn chance at the level between 50-52.

The moment you get the Drakloak when levelled to 60, its trade will cause an evolution into Dragapult. You have to note the first step to locating Dragapult is to get either Dreepy or Drakloak.


The simplest way to locate these Pokemon is to head to the Lake of Outrage in the wild area. This wild area requires one to move on water and can be accessed only after the 6th Gym.

Another way is to use a choice scarf. The Scarf Dragapults, however, are rare. But when got, hit it with a strong and effective move that will disable it.

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What are the Dragapult Weaknesses?

Since Dragapult is a Dragon and Ghost-type, this makes it vulnerable against ice, fairy, dragon, ghost and Dark-types such as Hydreigon. The biggest weakness of the many dragons is ice.

However, the Dragapult has the highest speeds among the Ice-type Pokemon in the Sword and Shield. This Dragapult has some Pokemon that it’s weak against. They include Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Goodra, Togekiss and Fairy Flying.


As said above, Dragapult is a dragon and Ghost-type Pokemon. This makes it get more damage from ice, ghost, fairy, and Dark-type moves and less damage from water, fire, Wa Grass, poison, and normal Fighting-type moves such as mitotic, Silvally and poison.

What are the Dragapult Strengths?

The following are the strengths of Dragapult:

  • It has a clear body meaning other Pokemon’s abilities aren’t able to lower its stats.
  • It has an infiltrator ability. It is able to pass through the opposing Pokémon’s barrier, foe’s barriers, substitutes, strikes and attacks.
  • Its cursed body disables a move used on the Pokemon.
  • The Dragapult’s high speed makes it an amazing and leading Pokemon. This prepares the field for the other parties in the team by buying the opponents.
  • It has a high attack power therefore, it’s hard to push it. 
  • It has a Sword Pokedex Entry that is while not in the battle it keeps Dreepy in the holes on its horns. Then when the fight starts, it releases the Dreepy like supersonic missiles.

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Dragapult Movesets

Here I have tried to get you one of the best Movesets. However, there are many Dragapult Movesets out there that I can’t list here and exhaust.


Dragon Darts

This hits twice and this enables it to bypass items, for example, Focus Sash and also hit multiple Pokemon when in Double Battles.

Phantom Force

It takes 2 turns for the Ghost Icon to initiate an attack. It can be used to waste the time of the enemy. The Bug Icon deals with damage.

Psychic Fangs

The Psychic Icon negates reflect and provides a good coverage area against fighting the Poison-types.


The Dragon Icon has higher damage than Dragon Darts. This increases its chances to hit the KO.


Dragon Dance

The Status Icon increases Damage and Speed. It is more effective when used to set up.

Fire Blast

The Fire Icon is a good backup though it’s a physical build. There are also Ghost-type attacks Dragapult learns. The two major ones are the shadow ball and phantom force. The phantom force is where the user disappears for one turn and makes a two-turn move like Fly. Its greatest ability is to hit around and protect. The Shadow Ball move controls the Ghost and Psychic-types and is much faster than Phantom Force.

Draco Meteor

This is a very powerful move against other Dragons or any other kind of Pokemon that tries to resist them.

Fire Blast

This one protects the Dragapult Pokemon against the slow Ice-type Pokemon. It is a very powerful move.


This one gets the Dragapult Pokemon out of bad situations in the battle and has highly effective damage.


While concluding this article, Pokemon Dragapult Location, Weakness, Strengths & Moveset, remember there are many movesets that you can find on the page of the developers of the game. The ones listed above are the best and recommended movesets. Hope you have learnt something from this guide. As we are all in this lockdown of the pandemic of COVID-19, you need to try out some amazing games like this one.

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