Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List [March] 2023: DBFZ Tier List

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If you are looking for DBFZ Tier List then this article is for you. Playing Online games has become an integral part of a lot of individuals today. One thing that can be given credit for this is the modern games and the exciting gameplay in them. Though an important thing in online games that attracts the attention of gamers today is its characters.

If a game has well-rounded characters, i.e., they have the positive traits needed to win the game, then that particular game is bound to succeed unless some unfortunate things happen in between.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

One such gamers’ favorite game that we are going to talk about today is Dragon Ball FighterZ. In specific, we will be talking about the different tiers present in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game as they will help you choose the best characters in the game, to win it.

If you have been initially struggling with the characters of the Dragon Ball FighterZ game to find which are the best ones to choose to suit your gameplay, then this is the article that you have been looking for.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List [March] 2023

There is no denying that the Dragon Ball FighterZ game is very well-known in the gaming community, and it has a huge fan following that is usually unmatched by the majority of the games. The Dragon Ball FighterZ game is best associated with the Dragon Ball universe that we have known for more than a decade now.

The game is well-recognized by gamers across the globe because it incorporates a flashy yet dominant fighting style. At first, the game might seem easy and interesting to play. However, once you dive in, you will come across a complex process that is usually hard to master; in the end, it is very rewarding.

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Once you start playing the game, you might find the gaming setup very small; however, it is not the case as the game has a large roster with more than 35 fighters. As all characters are not created equally, the characters have very different abilities compared to each other. Don’t worry about having to find out which is the best as you are all covered with the tier list given below.


If we look at the current meta in the game, the S Tier has the best characters in the Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List. If you have a character from S Tier in your team, then you don’t need to worry as that is all you need to win the game. An example of a character from the S tier is given below.

S-Tier List Characters
Ultra Instinct Goku
GT Goku
Kid Buu
Adult Gohan
Teen Gohan

Kid Buu – Kid Buu is one of the best S Tier characters that you can have by your side as he is well known for his terror among his opponents. His abilities are aggressive combos, small hitboxes, solid mix-ups, and a really good advanced game.

Kid Buu: DBFZ Tier List
Kid Buu: DBFZ Tier List

A Tier

The A-Tier characters in the DBFZ Tier List are powerful compared to a lot of characters in the game; however, they are not good as the S-Tier ones. There are a few flaws in them that restrict them from reaching the S Tier. An example of a character from the A tier is given below.

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A-Tier List Characters
Base Vegeta
Android 21
Super Baby 2

Vegeta – Vegeta is a really good Dragon Ball fighter who is well known for his Super Saiyan form. He is extremely good with offense and reasonably good in defense. The Specialist characters are the only characters in the game who can outclass Vegeta in battle.

Vegeta: DBFZ Tier List
Vegeta: DBFZ Tier List

B Tier

The B Tier characters in the DBFZ Tier List are good fighters who can help you win matches and are usually successful in the majority of the fights. An example of a character from the B tier is given below.

B-Tier List Characters
Master Roshi
SS4 Gogeta
Goku Black
Fused Zamasu
Android 16
Goku (SSGSS)

Master Roshi – Master Roshi is one of the characters in the game with whom you need time to study and understand. Once you are done figuring out Master Roshi, you can use his Reverse Kamehameha, as it has a great impact on enemies. Though you need to understand that you can only pull Roshi’s moves if you are good at positioning your character and also have a good game sense.

Master Roshi: DBFZ Tier List
Master Roshi: DBFZ Tier List


The C Tier characters in the DBFZ Tier List are the ones who are hard to figure out and master. Though if you go over this process, you will surely have success with these characters. An example of a character from the C tier is given below.

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C-Tier List Characters
Super Broly
Super Broly

Hit – The name of the character Hit is self-explanatory. Hit is an assassin in the game and has great range with unpredictable moves. He is usually hard to play in the game because of his different mechanics. Hit is best known for his ground abilities and is usually vulnerable to aerial attacks.

Hit: DBFZ Tier List
Hit: DBFZ Tier List


The D Tier characters in the game are rarely used by players, and it is often said about them that they should be used only when necessary or when you don’t have characters in your team. An example of a character from the D tier is given below.

D-Tier List Characters
Android 18
Majin Buu
Captain Ginyu
Blue Vegeta

Frieza – Frieza is a zoner in the game, and he is well-known for his long-range combat skills. If you have a skilled player in front of you, he will be able to figure out his attacks; however, new players won’t be able to defend themselves. Close combat is usually the weakness of Frieza.

Frieza: DBFZ Tier List
Frieza: DBFZ Tier List


The F Tier characters in the Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List are the worst, and gamers usually refrain from choosing these characters. It is advised that you are better off without these characters in the matches. An example of a character from this tier is given below.

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F-Tier List Characters
Android 17

Nappa – Nappa has a lot of moves in his bag; however, he is often pressured by enemies to not use these moves as he has a poor defense, and also, his speed is not at all good. If you want to use this character in the game, you have to use it at your own risk.

Nappa: DBFZ Tier List
Nappa: DBFZ Tier List

These were the DBFZ Tier List with characters arranged in descending order of their strengths and weaknesses. For more information, you can visit our site omggamer.com where we post news and the latest happenings in the world of gaming. 

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