Dying Light 2 Release Date, System Requirements, Trailer & Rumors

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Dying Light 2 is one of the most awaited game since 2018, Now the Dying Light 2 Release date is about to come, let’s read more about this upcoming game.


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It is time to speak about the game called Dying light and its recreate Dying Light 2. Dying Light is a first-person action survival game. Game is all around a virus which affected a city called Roam and in that city, the player has to survive from the virus and zombies.

Scavengers for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected. Because this game is amazing, the developer is going to be motivated to make another version of the game which is Dying Light 2.

Let’s speak about it when are going to be the discharge date of the new game, what are the compatible settings and requirements so as to play the game, what are the surprising facts and features in Day Light 2, and most importantly the new characters of the game.


About Dying Light 2

We all know that Dying Light 2 has been delayed, it’s originally scheduled to launch in 2020. The developer Techland said, the PS5 and, Xbox Series X game is going to be having longer to meet their vision, and that they hope that vision is done sometime in early 2021. Dying Light 2 is just like the previous version.

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Dying Light 2 is about polishing the previous game consistent with the Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala, Dying Light 2 may be a systemic game, plenty of things happen emergently and in fact, there’s a unique path of evolution for the Infected where they change into the Volatiles, which are the foremost dangerous, extreme night predators.

If you see them, you simply have to run. There’s no fighting with those guys because they’ll just kill you, now let’s talk about Dying Light 2 Release Date.


Dying Light 2 Release Date

Right now, the Dying Light 2 release date is not confirmed yet, but will likely see this game in 2022. It is the second delay for the game that was originally planned for a 2019 release. But they already apologize to all or any of the people that are expecting this game.

Their priority is to deliver an experience that lives up to their own high grounds and to the expectations of the fans. Dying Light 2 is already listed on the steam but with a mystery of Dying Light 2 Release Date. 

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Dying Light 2 for PS5

This action game will be released on the PS4 and PS5. the game was delayed indefinitely in January before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the USA Unfortunately, there’s no indication about when the game might actually launch.

Well, it is playable with PS4 and PS5 and there will be more parkour actions in this new version. For the settings, it would be in HDR 60 FPS to run smoothly.

The developers are trying their very best to make this game satisfying game for the players. Approximately, there will be fewer changes from the previous version when you start to play Dying light 2 on PS4 and PS5. Basically, the main difference when you play it between PS4 and PS5 is the graphics and few additional controls.

Dying Light 2 for Xbox

Dying Light 2 is coming for Xbox, but unfortunately, the release date is still a mystery. Same as the PS4 and PS5, the settings should even be in HDR 60 FPS to run smoothly.

Dying Light 2 for PC

Yes! the developer has already announced that they will be releasing the Dying Light 2 for PC on Microsoft Windows. When you play Dying Light on PC, you should have at least the processor of Core i7 with an OS Windows 10 64 bit.

You should also have big storage because this kind of game has more files to be saved. It is more convenient when you play it on PC because of its parkour actions, so you can do easy gameplay and the difference between PC among other game consoles.

The higher the graphic cards you use, the game will be better and amazing. No matter what game console you use, you will surely have an amazing experience playing the Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 System Requirements

When you say system requirements, it is mostly for PC. On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, it can automatically be played because these game consoles have already HDR with 60FPS. Playing Dying Light 2 System Requirements are

  • Intel i7 processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 90 GB Storage
  • 6 GB Graphics Card

To play the game at 60 FPS, AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB graphics card will be the best.

Dying Light 2 Rumors

There are many news and rumors about the action game Dying Light 2 but we will be based on every developer’s interviews in every network and channel and from other gaming sources.

An Australian retailer EB Games updated the release date into May 25, 2021, and suddenly it changed to “to be confirmed on 2021”.

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They have just messed it up and apologized to the people. But it will surely be higher than the normal price, and it is not available for pre-orders, let’s just wait for the announcement from the developers.

Techland has said that Dying Light 2’s map is four times bigger compared to the previous one. In the gameplay demo, it was mentioned that Dying Light 2 doubled the number of parkour moves, and it all can be seen on the gameplay demo. Anything else will be announced by the developer Techland.

Dying Light 2 Images


Dying Light 2 Trailer

Dying Light 2 is an open-world action RPG game that gives you the power to make choices to change both the narrative and the world around you. The City is in danger as drinking water is about to end.

A guy named Frank believes that the only person that can solve the problem is the colonel with a bad reputation, the leader of the group from the city pumping station. Frank called a meeting between his group and the officers that operate in the city, and the Protagonist Aiden Caldwell is invited.

It all started there when Aiden fought for the people in the city because the water pump needs to turn on but the colonel stopped Aiden. He struggled to find the control room for the water pump but then he succeeded and brought water to the city.

Dying Light 2 price

Currently, the game is already listed in steam without any pricing information. But as per the rumors game will be available at a price range of $39-$59. But still, we have to wait for the official announcement on this.

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Dying Light 2 News

As we all know Dying Light 2 Release Date is still not announced and everyone is expecting this game in the first quarter of 2021. But there’s news coming from the developer that the Dying Light 2 Release Date is still not confirmed. Community manager Uncy said that there was no announcement on the Dying Light 2 Release Date this week.

This is all for the Dying Light 2, stay tuned with us for more updates on this game. The dying Light 2 Release Date is very near to us, so for more news on this game do subscribe to our newsletter given down below.

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