One of the most beloved franchises of the Microsoft family arrives in its third edition on September 23rd: Forza Horizon 3, the right dose between simulator and arcade in a huge open world. To speed up the hype, Amazon has unveiled a special edition, called “Ultimate,” which is very content. Developers are planning to launch Forza Horizon 3 PS4 Edition very soon to the market, this is as per the rumor.


Right now game (NOT PS4 Edition) is available for $ 99 (or $ 348 in the current dollar quote), the package offers the following perks:

  • Early access to the game (four days before launch)
  • Limited Steelbook
  • Car Pass
  • Login as a VIP member
  • Forza Hub App
  • Motorsport All-Stars car package

Forza Horizon 3 PS4 Edition

Forza Horizon 3 PS 4 Edition will be set on an immense map based on Australia and will feature countless new activities – in addition to those already known – for fans to get their feet on. The game is now available for Xbox One and Windows 10 from September 23 last year and was one of the first to have Play Anywhere, where a game can be started on the console and continued on the PC and vice versa. This integration is part of a new Microsoft strategy. According to some rumors and from our experts too, that Forza Horizon 3 PS4 Edition is going to launch by the end of this year. Sony came up with new gaming console just check it out PS4 NEO 2017 Images.


Forza Horizon 3 ROCKED

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