Genshin Impact: A Little Game Quest Walkthrough

In this Genshin Impact Guide, you will be getting complete guidance on A little Game Quest.

Genshin Impact A Little Game Side Quest Guide
Genshin Impact A Little Game Side Quest Guide

Genshin Impact does not focus much on the main quest but also the open world which is the side quest. The game itself will force you to explore the world and even unravel some ruin mystery to get more AR experience to level up faster and sometimes even some lv 4 chest and some other more after solving a puzzle and mystery behind the ruin. There are also other interesting side stories that you can play like “A Little Game Quest”, which is the topic today.

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What is A Little Game Quest

This quest is all about hide and seeks, playing hide and seek a grown boy acting like a child. If you love stories and would like to know why he still has very young thinking then you should read the dialogue carefully. It is actually a quite dark story. A little bit of introduction, so after you talk to him, he will want you to play hide and seek with him.

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Each time you find him, he will start to talk about his parents. You will have to find him a total of 4 times starting with 60 seconds. The good thing is if you fail the hide and seek, he will tell you where he was hiding. You wouldn’t need to battle anyone during the quest, just read the dialogue slowly, get the tips and find him again even if you fail each time, enjoy the story then unravel the mystery behind it.

Where is Childish Jiang Location

If you start to feel frustrated and don’t feel like spending time on reading the dialogue slowly, then here is the location of the Childish Jiang hiding spot. I will start by mentioning where you could start to find the side quest first.

a-little-quest-genshin-impact-Childish Jiang Location
a-little-quest-genshin-impact-Childish Jiang Location

Here is the image of the Childish Jiang location where you start the quest. Now featuring steps to complete the quest.

Childish Jiang location-a-little-quest-genshin-impact

Steps to complete A Little Game Quest

To complete a little game quest just read the steps carefully and follow the map.

  • After starting the hide and seek, move to the red circle 1, he will be located behind a boulder, as mentioned you need to find him before 60 seconds. After finding him remember to interact with him and continue to play with him.
  • Since it is the 2nd round now you will have 50 seconds to find him. This time move to the red circle that has the number 2. After reaching somewhere near there, check every tree behind and you will find him. Interact with him to continue round 3.
  • Round 3 means you have 40 seconds to find him. This time move to the red mark 3. You will find his home, then move behind his house and he will be hiding under the roof. Interact with him and continue to play.
  • Round 4 means you have 30 seconds to find him and this is the last round for completing the quest. Move to the red mark 4 and check the boulder near there, he will be standing behind a boulder that is very close to a cliff.
  • Interact with him and have a longer conversation and then you are done.

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A little Game Quest Video Guide

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