Genshin Impact: How To Find Blocked & Hidden Treasure Chests

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In this Genshin Impacts Treasure Chests article, you will be getting a guide through which you can find blocked and hidden Treasure Chests.


Getting high in AR ranks will have higher item quality dropped by the enemy. Even in dungeons/ruins, the artifacts and the materials will drop higher quality. For example, obtaining legendary artifacts from ruins/dungeons is possible after AR40. Thus, making many people want to grind to get to a higher AR rank.

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The fastest way to level up is to hunt all the Genshin Impact Treasure Chests in the game as there is so much in your open world hidden and is waiting for you. There are still other methods to get AR’s experience like completing the daily commission, using original resin on the world boss, ruins/ dungeons and even completing quests. But all of these methods mentioned are actually not that reliable for faster AR as original resin and doing daily commission are limited each day while main content like archon quests and side quests are available until AR36.

Genshin Impact Treasure Chests Block & Hidden Chests

Before going to unlock or open Block and hidden Genshin Impact Treasure Chests, let’s look over what exactly these chests are.

What is Block Chest

Blocked chests are usually surrounded by red circles, some are covered by anemo barriers, and even covered by plants. Blocked chests are usually found in the wild, nearby camps, some are hidden. The good thing is that the chest is easy to find as the red circles are easily seen from far away.

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What is Hidden Chest

Genshin Impact Treasure Chests: Hidden chests are usually hidden on an open map. To make them visible, you usually need to solve a mystery like using the correct element attack on the totem to activate the totem. Genshin Impact Hidden chests are usually out once you do something that triggers it. Some hidden chests will even despawn if you do not open them within the time limit.


Genshin Impact: How To Open Blocked Treasure Chests

To unlock the Genshin Impact Treasure Chests that are surrounded by a red circle, you just need to kill nearby enemies in the camp/location. If there is a wind current surrounding the chest, you can just find a higher position and glide on top of the chest then use an air attack to go inside the barrier. For the chest covered by plants just use a pyro elemental attack to burn it down then you can open it.

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Genshin Impact: How To Find Hidden Treasure Chests

As mentioned above hidden Genshin Impact Treasure Chests are only found once you trigger the event. For example, there are pressure plates in the liyue region. You can use geo main character abilities on the pressure plate, then once activated, the chest will show up. You will also see a blue spirit called Seelie wandering around the map. When you follow it to a destination, it will spawn a chest beside the statue.

Where is the Hidden/Locked Treasure Chests

The best way to find those chests are actually through the Genshin Impact interactive map available in the Internet browser.

Genshin Impact Interactive Map

There are currently 2 interactive maps which are for Genshin Impact Treasure Chests:

First Link: This link is actually a very good interactive map as it provides all the details around the map including quest, items, book, and more. Unfortunately, this interactive map only can mark a total of 100 items per account unless you pay for it.


Second Link: This link is completely free, but it does not provide any comment on the exact location for the chest. There are also no details about the free artifact or NPC events like the 1st link provides but it is completely free.


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These are the best way in order to find all the chests. These 2 links are currently the best 2 interactive maps that exist today. You can log in to the interactive map and mark the location, chest, anemoculus, geculus you have taken.

This is all for the Genshin Impact Treasure Chests hope you like this article. If you have queries then do comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. Do share this with your friends on social media platforms.

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