Genshin Impact Daily Commissions | How To Start & Unlock Quests

In this Genshin Impact Daily Commissions will be guiding you on how to unlock and complete the quests. Follow the instructions carefully and you will end up with the completion of these quests.


Getting a higher AR rank in Genshin Impact is everyone’s goal, and to get them, everyone is required to find ways to find experience. There are lots of ways of earning exp, the current fastest way to level up are hunting chests and buying(whale) resin refill with primogems. If you do not want to spend too much time on Genshin but still want to level up quickly, you should complete this quest called “Daily Commission”.

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Genshin Impact Daily Commissions

Genshin Impacts daily commission is the best quest to get exp with just a bit of effort. Depending on your AR rank you can get a total of 1200 exp to 1500 exp daily by completing the quests. 


How to Unlock Daily Commissions

Daily Commission will automatically unlock after reaching AR12. If you are not able to complete then every day there is a rest time. 


Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Reset Time

The quest will be reset daily at 19:00 UTC. Any unfinished daily commission quests will be replaced by the next day’s daily commissions. 

Server Reset Time by Region

  • 4 AM (Worldwide Server Time)
  • NA: GMT -5
  • EU: GMT +1
  • Asia: GMT +8

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Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Details

After the daily reset, the daily commission will be appearing on your mini-map. If you open your map and search around, you will find a total of 4 purple marks in your mini-map. You can also use your adventure book by clicking F1 then find daily commission to locate 4 of today’s daily commission directly. On each daily commission quest in the adventure book, there will be a location icon on the right of each commission. 



  • Remember to use adventure books to navigate the daily commission for easier finding.
  • After completing the 4 commissions quest, remember to teleport to Mondstadt/Liyue Town and then head to the adventure guild to claim more rewards.

Daily Commission’s Rewards

As mentioned above, the daily commissions will provide tons of exp up to a total of 1500 with just 10 minutes of your time. There are also other rewards that will be useful for your adventure rank. Here is the list below:

  • Up to 20,000 Mora (Depending On AR)
  • 60 primogems ( 10 each from the daily commissions and 20 from the adventure guild)
  • Mystic and Fine Ore Enchantment Ore (Quality and Quantity are based on AR)
  • Companionship Exp – Unlock the story in the character section and once reaches level 10 on a companion, you will get a name card to customize your in-game profile.

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Getting exp that is close to 1000 in-game will usually take up to 30 minutes even an hour. With daily commission, players are allowed to have 1500 exp without having spent too much time. Other than that, those free 60 primogems, mora, and enchantment ore are very worth getting. Even the longest quest for each commission quest takes you up to 5 minutes. With that many exp, it is recommended to complete it daily to get to higher AR.

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