Genshin Impact Switch Release Date 2023 [Revealing Soon]

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Many players are looking for Genshin Impact Switch Release Date. According to some officials, game for Nintendo Switch is going to release in 2023. In this article, you will get to know many things about the upcoming launch of the Nintendo console.


About Genshin Impact

A Chinese hit-game Genshin Impact is now planning to launch it on Nintendo Switch and Gaming consoles in particularly in the like of Sony’s latest release in PlayStation 5 after being successful in the international market.  It was first revealed in 2019 and successfully released in the following year on selected and limited platforms like Microsoft Software, Playstation 4, Android, and iOS devices.

Genshin Impact is an online fantasy game developed and published by miHoYo in September 2020 that allows the players to choose between four characters to support them on their journey and hard battles using diverse magical attacks and moves. Genshin Impact is usually played by a single or multiplayer in a single game.


The game itself uses Gacha games which is normal for most video games in Japanese and Chinese video games. Gacha games in Genshin impact allows the players to acquire different characters with specified abilities and techniques in the game. Not just for characters but Genshin Impact also persuades its players to obtain their weapons and other resources.

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One of the many reasons why the players are being addicted to Genshin Impact is because of their highly maintained features that a lot of gamers love to play. With a modern standard visualization plus a storyline that makes the gamers hook on to the game. The game took place in a magical land called Teyvat which has seven nations Fontaine, Liyue, Inazuma, Natlan, Sumeru, Mondstadt, and Snezhnaya where the story begins. 

Genshin Impact on Gaming Consoles

Since Genshin Impact started to make an impact in the gaming world with Playstation 4 as one of its primary platforms, it is expected to keep up its pace as it will also be available in the new Playstation 5 with the same playability version as the previous edition of the said Game Console.

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The game can still be downloaded on PlayStation 4 and can be played on PlayStation 5 with the backward compatible version. Unlike, in PlayStation 5, Genshin Impact is still impossible to be played on another gaming console like Xbox. Nevertheless, Genshin Impact fans and other gamers can quietly hope as the developers of the game clearly stated that it is still in the discussion to give a break of Genshin Impact on Xbox. 

Genshin Impact Switch Release Date

As mentioned in the above description where Genshin Impact is playable on limited platforms and that is why the developer, miHoYo is planning to continue and expand its capability for wider audiences as Genshin Impact will be available now on Nintendo Switch. Genshin Impact Switch Release Date will be announced in 2023. The opening of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch will also be the same as how it was played on Personal Computers and Mobiles. The Genshin Impact will make its latest upgrade of the Open-World ARPG game featured available on its debut on Nintendo Switch.

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The developers spoiled the Genshin’s fans that the game is coming soon on Nintendo Switch. Without a proper statement coming from its developer, the possible release of Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch are still uncertain but it is on the verge of its objectives to set a remarkable success of the role-playing action game in the Nintendo Switch.

Sam Lai, one of the head developers of miHoYo said that they are still on the development testing and hoping to finish all the conditions that have been set to improve the game and if the result is being finalized, then the unofficial release date for Genshin Impact’s version on Switch will probably take place on the first half of 2022.

How to Play Genshin Impact in Switch?

Several Switch consumers assumed the Nintendo Switch version is quietly the same as the first batch of available platforms for Genshin Impact. It is technically controllable with exchanging players from time to time with respective skills and attacks alongside many choices of weapons that can increase its damage rate for the completion of the task.


As the beginners, one must fill the line-up for each roster with the strong candidate of characters with massive skills in combatting, high-efficiency weapons, and other symbolic items that may use in corps and mining and other track down ways which can potentially be fundamental in battle time and other mission that requires a little amount of time before the storyline begins to kick in. 

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Since the process for the expansion of Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch is not yet fully verified, the game setting of PC and Consoles for Multiplayers are alike, it can also be connected with one another by simply forming into domains and playing all together. Players just have to request to be connected to another player by forming a co-op. One more good thing is that players now can freely swap their devices with automated progress empowered by the cross-save function so they can effortlessly play with any platform at the same time. We will get to know more about the full mechanics for the upcoming Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch once it gets closer to the planned release date.

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Trailer

Genshin Impact will be free on Nintendo Switch

Another advantage as to why some action games with Gacha like Genshin Impact are successful in the gaming department is that many people are much eager to spend a lot of money just to the benefit of once in a lifetime acquisition of the priced characters, weapons, moves, and even the settings. By the time Genshin Impact will be playable on Nintendo Switch it will have different stylistic gameplay and it definitely includes several editions solely available on the Switch.


The game’s developers uttered that gamers will have prior access to the Genshin Impact upon the release of the game and because of its free-to-play system where players don’t have to take out some money to obtain the game’s finite items. Nintendo Switch users will be experiencing the classy animated and aesthetic action play for free. Genshin Impact will be available on Nintendo eShop once the release date is updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Will Genshin Impact be free on Nintendo Switch?
Answer: Well currently there’s no official confirmation on this, but yes are expecting Genshin Impact for free on Nintendo Switch.

FAQ 2: Is Genshin Impact Cancelled on Switch?
Answer: No, Is Genshin Impact not canceled for the Nintendo Switch, but we will be hearing about the release of the game for this console by the end of 2023.

This is all for this article, we will share more information in the upcoming weeks. If you want to get an update from genshin impact then do subscribe to our newsletter given down below.

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  1. hate to say anything but it is 2022 and we are nearing the 2nd hafe and still nothing on a release date i still think sony brought the rights to the game seen as we have nothing to go on but word of mouth the devs of the game could have lied about the game coming to other consoles and decided to sell out to sony

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