Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2: For A Tomorrow Without Tears

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In this Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2, you will get to know about the complete quest along with tips. Now without wasting time let’s read out Genshin Impact For A Tomorrow Without Tears.


Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG hack and slash game. Genshin Impact has a very long story that is still in progress.

But currently, there are only 2 chapters that are playable, which is the prologue that is in Monstadt and another chapter that happened in Liyue. The main story’s quest will appear in your quest tab as archon quests.

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Each archon quest’s enemies will become harder and harder, just grinding the main story won’t be enough. You are also required to level up before continuing the main story/archon quests as each archon quest has adventure rank requirements before you can start them. Each chapter will also be separated into 3 segments which have a mini ending. The topic you see above is one of the segments which is in the prologue, ACT 2.


Genshin Impact For A Tomorrow Without Tears

As mentioned, this is the second segment of the main story, which is the Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2. This Act will be about investigating the dvalin tears, then finding a way to recover the dvalin aka stormterror.

This is because Venti believes that the dragon is actually kind and would not attack the city purposely. The overview of the quest will involve the main character, diluc, jean, and venti in retrieving a weapon called holy lyre to summon dvalin.


How to Complete Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2

To complete Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2 here is the quest below which you have to complete first.

Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2 Quest Guide
Shadow over Mondstadt (Coming Soon)
Unexpected Encounter (Coming Soon)
That Green Fellow (Coming Soon)
Let the Wind Lead (Coming Soon)
Venti's Plan (Coming Soon)
Venti's New Plan (Coming Soon)
Wild Escape (Coming Soon)
Behind the Scenes (Coming Soon)
Chasing Shadows (Coming Soon)
State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel (Coming Soon)

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Genshin Impact Archon Quest Tips

All these quests will have cutscenes of some interesting animation happening. Your Adventure Rank must be at least 18 to complete all of the quests above.

Although it is only 10 quests, the process of doing the quests and the story is actually enjoyable. Players should try to read the dialog instead of spamming and rushing through the story.

Even if you rush the story and grind very hard, you will eventually regret it and even consider replaying the game just for the story. The game only got released 1 month ago, and the playable chapters are only 2.

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If you play it as a grind game, you will eventually run out of content to play in Genshin. You will start to feel bored as there is nothing more to do except wait for a new event and spiral abyss.

There is no PvP mode where the level matters. Try to enjoy the game especially the story is the main key and not to play too much daily. This will ensure you keep playing and enjoying the game. If you haven’t read the dialog of the story, then you are still not late to start.

If you read Genshin Impact Prologue Act 2 dialog, you will still follow up on what is going on in the story. You will also understand each obtainable character’s personality and these will make your gameplay more enjoyable. 

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