How To Increase Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate (Power Up)

In this Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate article everything about the weapons and it’s damage rate along with more information so that you can power up.

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate
Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate

Genshin Impact is a game that has lots of aspects in terms of improving your damage. Sometimes, with the correct gear and strategy, one character can do x2 or even x4 damage compared to the normal one. Weapons are also one of them, weapons are obtainable through the chest, wish and crafting. Please do note that all weapon dropped from open-world are only 3 star or less. 4 star weapons can be obtainable through crafting by collecting the materials through boss and farming metals. To obtain a 5 star weapon, you can only get it through wishing that is close to 2% with the pity system.

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Genshin Impact Weapons ListGenshin Impact Weapon TypeGenshin Impact Weapon Locations
Alley Hunter
Amber CatalystCatalystGacha
Amos' BowBowGacha
Apprentice's NotesCatalystChest
Aquila Favonia
Black Tassel
Beginner's ProtectorPolearm
Black Tassel
Blackcliff AmuletCatalyst
Starglitter Exchange
Blackcliff LongswordSwordStarglitter Exchange
Blackcliff PolePolearmStarglitter Exchange
Blackcliff SlasherClaymore
Starglitter Exchange
Blackcliff WarbowBowStarglitter Exchange
Bloodtainted GreatswordClaymore

Now moving into the Top Genshin Weapon that you must have when obtaining it.

Top Genshin Impact Weapons

When you get a 5 star weapon, they are definitely powerful than these 4 star weapon as they give a many buff to the character. Getting one is almost impossible as the rate of getting it is less than 1% unless reaching the pity system. Even hitting the pity system, there is still a 50% chance of getting a character unless you use your draw in the weapon banner. Of course, there won’t be anyone that is going to sacrifice the chance of getting a 5 star character. Thus making 5 star weapon very hard to obtain. Even for some players, especially f2p player, they complain about receiving 5 star weapon. Thus, making 5 star weapon hard to get in Genshin.

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate
Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate

Genshin Impact 5 Star Weapons

All the 5 star weapon will be listed in number one in the list as they provide more than one unique skills to the character which 4 star and lower doesn’t have. For example, the feature 5 star Bow in the second and the third wish banner called the Skyward Harp, have the abilities to trigger massive AOE damage to the enemy with an only basic attack. The bow also increases crit damage of the user. The secondary passive of the weapon is having more crit rate which makes the 5 stfar broken. There are still lots of 5 star weapons that are very powerful but ascending them is definitely a problem.

Genshin Impact 5 Star Weapons List
Aquila Favonia
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Skyward Blade
Skyward Pride
Amos' Bow
Skyward Harp
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
Wolf's Gravestone

Genshin Impact Craftable Weapons

Coming in second will be the weapons that are craftable in-game. If you are looking for DPS with basic attacks, you can use the crafted weapon from the blacksmith. There are a total of 10 weapons in the game and each of them has unique same passive skills and all weapon types. For a better DPS experience, there are weapons that buff stat like attack speed and attack damage when used as a normal attack and charge attack on the enemy. This unique ability gives more damage to your character and even faster attack speed. The best thing about it is that the materials can be a farm. To get the weapon materials, you will be needing a bit of luck from killing the boss to drop the item that is called a weapon prototype. You can also buy the prototype in a gem shop which uses the sigils you collect on exploring and opening chests.

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Genshin Impact Battle Pass Weapons

The third weapon series will be from the battle pass. Battle passes are free but there are additional rewards that you must pay to obtain. This means that without paying on the battle pass, players aren’t able to get the item. Thes best weapon to choose if you buy is Viridescent Hunt, a bow weapon. The bow has a 50% chance to generate a small cyclone that lasts 4 seconds upon normal attack or charge attack. Affected area enemy will get damage every 0.5 damage and the damage dealt will be 40% of the character. This will be meaning that additional damage to the enemy that is like a budget 5 star weapons like Skyward Harp mentioned above. The other battle pass weapon is still powerful and can be also seen as the best replacement for 5 star weapon.

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Genshin Impact 4 Star Weapons

After that, it will be the 4 star wish weapon. For the 4 star wish weapon. There are some that are still powerful. You need to take note of the weapons that have the second state of providing physical damage and even elemental mastery depends on your character. For example on polearm, if you use your character more on normal attack, you would be needing weapons like Lithic Spear for polearm character. Lithic spear gives bonus physical bonus damage resulting in higher damage when normal attacking or charge attacking the enemy. If wanted to focus more on using the character skill then swapping out then a secondary stat of elemental mastery will help. The weapon will be depending on what role you wanted for your character.

Genshin Impact 4 Star Weapons List
The Black Sword
Sacrificial Sword
Serpent Spine
Blackcliff Slasher

Genshin Impact Elemental Mastery

Lastly, The most important thing that you need to know that is elemental mastery will only increase your % of dealing elemental damage. If you have a low attack but high elemental mastery, you still might have low damage compared to the character that has high attack and lower elemental mastery. This is because elemental damage will still be multiplying with your attack stat. The second thing you need to take note of is a 3 star fully refine weapon will sometimes be better than a 4 star lv 1 refine weapon. More details on refined weapons will be spoken below.

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How to change Genshin Impact weapons

Before we start, let me guide you on how you can go to equip/upgrade your weapon. On your character screen. Press “ESC” then click on “Characters”. Go to the character that you wanted to equip the weapon with, then click on “Weapon”. You will see your character weapon than others weapon depending on your character. Just click on the weapon you wanted to equip, then click “Switch” on the right bottom corner to switch to the weapon.

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate
Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate

How to Increase Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate: Weapons are very important in terms of delivering higher damage, aka damage per second(DPS). It can help you to save your time killing those monsters and helping you clearing more stages in the spiral abyss.

You can enhance your weapon by using enchantment ore. There are 3 different sizes of enchantment ore, normal, fine and mystic. As you can see from the name, each enchantment ore gives different exp to your weapon. Normal enchantment ore gives 400 exp, fine give 2000, while music gives 10000 exp. Enchantment ore can be obtained through crafting, opening treasure chest and even completing quests. At first, every player might seem to have lots of enchantment ore, then upgrading all weapons.

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate

But after reaching AR30 or above, enchantment ore won’t be enough as continuing upgrading them will require more exp, causing you lack of enchantment. Therefore, please do note that only focus one or two character’s weapon and only upgrade the others once you max them out. Each time you upgrade your weapon, you will also be in need to refine it after reaching a certain level. 

How to Refine Weapons

Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate: To refine weapons, you will be needing the same type of weapon and make sure no one is equipping it. Then click on the weapon that you wanted to refine, click on enhance then find the refine tab. Then click on the plus picture and you will see the exactly the same type of weapon. Choose the dupe weapon then click on refine. You will see the skill’s damage increased. The total of refining a weapon to the max is 5 times.


Other than that, you will be also ascending weapon. After upgrading your weapon to a certain level, you will need to ascend them to continue levelling up. To ascend the weapon and unlock more levels. First, you would need to reach a certain AR rank. The higher your AR rank, the higher you get to cap your weapon level. After reaching a certain level, you would still need enough mora and some materials to ascend the weapon. Let’s see how you can obtain them.

How to Get Weapon Ascension Materials

Ascend materials are dropped on the ruin/dungeon and some even in the open world. For open-world materials, you can always find them in your own world without any problem. If you can’t find any monster that dropped the item, then you can move into the coop(other people world) to farm more.

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For ruin/dungeon dropped materials, the specific dungeon/ruin that dropped the materials are 100%. Unfortunately, there will be rotation each day making the ascension materials farmable only on someday. During Sunday, all ascension materials will be available from the dungeon/ruin but you dropped ascension materials might be RNG. This means that it will be very hard to farm the item if you are unlucky. Therefore, it is advised to farm on the period that dropped one ascension material that you need.

genshin impact weapon ascension materials
genshin impact weapon ascension materials

Lastly, these materials have grades. To obtain the higher grade of the materials, you would need to either reach higher AR to unlock higher world level or you can use 3 lower grade materials to obtain the higher grade materials. There is still an option for users to trade the ascension materials in paimon’s shop with the rewards you get from wishing called Masterless Stardust. Masterless stardust is an item you can obtain through wishing.

This is all for Genshin Impact Weapons Damage Rate, hope you get to know many thins. If you have any query then you can ask with the comment section form give down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters and also do share this on social media platform with your game players.

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