Rockstargames: Grand Theft Auto 7 or GTA 7 Development Started?

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GTA 7 or Grand Theft Auto 7, You will get everything about this future game here, as there’s something about this game that people are talking online about.


Grand Theft Auto, one of the most loved and playable games of this era. It’s been 20 + years when this gaming series was started later on Rockstar Games take over the development. GTA 6 Release Date is still not announced and now the company started working on GTA 7? Is there will be Grand Theft Auto 7? These questions are common now, so let’s talk about it.

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Grand Theft Auto 7 or GTA 7 is Real?

Grand Theft Auto 7 is going to be the 7th part of the series, but recently some Reddit threads are saying GTA 7 story has been started. If this is true then it’s clear that GTA 6 is coming very soon to the market. As per the thread, the next story is going to be the combined part of some previous parts, but unfortunately, it’s just a rumor.


Also, the seventh part of the series is going to be real as many people around the globe are addicted to this series and when the company is getting profit out of it then why not for the 7th part?

GTA 7 Release Date

Well till now there is the official announcement of the 6th part so it’s quite difficult to say about GTA 7 Release Date, but that’s sure we will see this game in 2025 or later and not before that. Check out what is happening about GTA 6 and rumors around the net here. According to experts company might start the storyline of the next part as the upcoming part is 70-80% completed and going to hit the market very soon. Also, recently GTA 5 got free in Epic games.

GTA 7 for PlayStation

It’s pretty sure the time this game will reveal to the world then maybe we are about to see PlayStation 10 or PlayStation X, which means we will be in the world of reality and AI. Imagining this game is something we saw in sci-fi movies.

To entertain you just check out GTA 6 Fan-Made Trailer given down below.

If you want to know more about the trailer click here. Stay connected with us will update more news and information about GTA 7 or GTA 7 Release Date here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter given down below for more updates on GTA or GTA 6. If you have any suggestions about this game do comment down below.

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