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discord badge online
discord badge online

Discord is one of the most known online interaction platforms of the present times that let us communicate with our friends and other people around us via audio and video calls. It is also used for sending texts, media, and files to anyone that you are connected with through servers. The Discord community provides online Discord badges to its staff, members, users, and everyone to differentiate who is who. This makes it easy for them as well as everyone, who wants to communicate with each other that who they are talking to and in case the Discord Users wants any help, they can distinguish with the help of these badges, who are they talking to. Everything that you want to know about these badges is given below.

What is Discord Badge?

A Discord Badge is a specific badge provided to a single user or person that can help him as well as others to differentiate between groups and other users with who they are communicating. The Discord Badges are usually displayed on a user’s profile card. If a person has different badges, they will appear in a hierarchical manner whenever you try to see someone’s badges in their profiles. Though it is not easy to get a custom Discord badge, to get a badge a user has to achieve some goals in Discord.

Discord Badges All Badges

Discord badges list

There are a few Discord Badges available on the Discord platform that are different from each other. The name of the badges is given below. You can opt for the badges that are made for the users because there are different badges for different people on Discord. To know about a specific badge, there is a list given below that will help you with what badge you can opt for and do the required job to achieve it.

Discord Badges 2021
The HypeSquad Badges
Discord Book Hunter Badge
Discord Partner Badge
HypeSquad Events Badge
Early Supporter Badge
Discord Nitro Badge

The HypeSquad Badges

The HypeSquad badges are given to the members of the Discord community who are selected to represent the Discord service online and also at events around the world. The Discord HypeSquad members are considered the ambassadors for the Discord community. There are three HypeSquad houses that you can be part of name Bravery, Brilliance, and Balance. The house is chosen from a personality test given on Discord.

Discord Badge HypeSquad Badges

Discord Book Hunter Badge

The Discord Book Hunter badge is not a badge to be missed. It is a pretty cool badge and it is rare to get. There is a good reason behind it. As the badge suggests that you have to be a hunter, a hunter of bugs and glitches. For this badge, you have to join test servers on Discord and the goal for you here is to report all the glitches and bugs that you find. If you find an eligible bug or glitch, you will be rewarded the badge.

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Discord Partner Badge

The only way possible to get this badge is by applying for Discord Partnerships. Whether it be Twitch or Youtube. There is also a set rule that you need to have a specific amount of people following you to apply for this badge. The minimum requirements for the followers that you should have usually change, but if you have a steady amount of followers with you, you can apply for this badge.

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HypeSquad Events Badge

To get this badge, you have to apply on the Discord website. To keep this badge, you need to visit the conventions. On the website, you have to let know to Discord that where have you been and what events you have attended. There are a set of things that you have to let know Discord to show that you have attended the event.

Discord Badge List of Badges

Early Supporter Badge

It is one of the outstanding badges of Discord and at the present time, you will not be able to get this badge whatever means possible. To get this badge you must have subscribed to Discord Nitro before October of 2018. People who got this badge at that time were rewarded a 1-year free subscription to Discord Nitro.

Discord Nitro Badge

The Users who have purchased the Discord Nitro membership have the Discord Nitro Badge on their profile. This premium service for Discord has two tiers, adding features and 2 server boosts. It is not a permanent badge and remains with your profile for the time of your subscription only.

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What is the use of Discord Badge?

The main use of the Discord badge is that it helps in distinguishing a user as a member of a specific group and it also helps in differentiating between a real user and an imposter trying to be a real person. In simple words, it is basically a badge on your ID given to you by doing tasks on the Discord platform.

Discord Badge

How to get Custom Discord badges?

To get the custom discord badges that are available on Discord, you have to do some specific tasks on Discord, that will lead you to get a badge. There are a lot of badges that you can go and opt for, just simply do the task and get the badge for it.

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This is all for How To Get Every Discord Badge in 2022. If you have any doubts or any query then do comment down below, also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates.

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