Korean Twitch Banned User Addielyn9: New Channel

Korean Twitch Banned User Addielyn9, New Channel: Last year one of the twitch user banned from the platform due to some unwanted things. Now, we had a call with the user and she told in the conversation that she created a gaming channel.

Twitch Banned User: Addielyn9 

According to the conversation with the user, twitch banned her because of unwanted content in the platform which was uploaded/stream live by the user. But actually it was by mistake, twitch user addielyn9 told to the reporter. Many news and reporters are saying it was not by mistake, She did it because she wants to get more fame in the platform.

Addielyn9 Footage/Images


Her New Channel

With the conversation, our reporter asked for the channel and she replied: “I just started the channel, many of my fans also following me but right this moment I will not share the details, but soon will announce through social media platforms, but it starts with the same name”. This is all she shared about her channel.

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Also, she will take care of things with the new channel. For her, it was embarrassing

and will do every precaution from now onwards, said by the user. Judging from all the aspects of the incident, it looks like this is truly an accident of the Korean streamer and she is actually feeling really embarrassing with herself and with her fans. She also made an apologies post earlier for this incident. This is all for the news on addielyn9, stay tuned for more updates on gaming.

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