MCOC Tier List [May] 2023

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In this article, we will be talking about the Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List or MCOC Tier list. Marvel has been one of the best, or some even say the best comic franchise around the globe that has existed for a very long time. The fan base of this franchise has remained the same, no matter what the circumstances are. There are ample games in the market that include Marvel characters; however, only a few give modern gamers a sense of excitement and content due to the quality of the games.

MCOC Tier List
MCOC Tier List

One such game in the gamers’ favorite Marvel game list is the Marvel Contest of Champions. It has been present in the gaming market for a long time now, and there is a specific tier list of the game that is a real help for new gamers and professionals. If you want to play the game according to its Tiers, you should surely go through this article. 

Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List
Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List

About Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC)

The Marvel Contest of Champions, a.k.a MCOC, came into existence on December 10, 2014. It is a fighting video game that is developed by Kabam (main game) and Raw Thrills (arcade version), and the publisher of the game is Kabam (for Netmarble) and Dave & Buster’s (for arcade).

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The game is available to play on various platforms like iOS, Android, and Arcade. The game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. The gameplay is that the players in the game have to assume the role of a Summoner tasked by The Collector to build a team. The team can include the hero and villain characters of Marvel, and in the end, they have to fight against each other in combat. 

About Marvel Contest of Champions
About Marvel Contest of Champions

MCOC Tier List [May] 2023

The Marvel Contest of Champions features numerous heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. There are 200+ playable characters, and not all of them reflect their abilities in the comics. This is why this tier list was made to help you to identify which champions are superior to the others. Our tier list is divided into six, from the powerful S to the awful F tier. So if you want to learn the current meta of MCOC, continue reading below.

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MCOC Tier List
MCOC Tier List

MCOC Tier List [2023]

It can be quite a problem for newbies who want to play the Marvel Contest of Champions game. The characters in the game are stacked into six different tiers, you can choose accordingly after carefully reading the Marvel Contest of Champions tier list. This can be the best way to improve your gameplay in this game or any game like this. 


The S MCOC Tier List characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions are considered the best in the game, and they can easily help you win. First, you might think that some characters do not have the best statistics needed to win the game; however, you will understand by the end of the game that they are useful because of the support they provide to the team. An example of a character from the S Tier is given below. 

Champion Class
Captain America (IW)Science
Cosmic Ghost RiderCosmic
Guillotine 2099Tech
Captain America (Sam Wilson)Tech
Doctor DoomMystic
Black Widow (Claire V)Skill
Omega RedMutant
Nick FurySkill
Corvus GlaiveCosmic
Magneto (Red Suit)Mutant
Human TorchScience
Kitty PrydeMutant

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Shang Chi – Shang Chi belongs to the skill class and is known as the master of Kung Fu. He can perform critical hits that elevate his ability to perform physical damage. Shang Chi can even perform critical hits while dealing with an opponent’s blocks. 

Shang_Chi: Marvel Contest of Champion
Shang_Chi: Marvel Contest of Champion

Cosmic Ghost Rider: Cosmic Ghost Rider is a Cosmic Champion who gives powerful buffs to himself and Armor Breaks to his opponents, dishing out massive damage. Additionally, he casts an indefinite Armor Break debuff against Champions with the Villain tag, reducing their Armor Rating by 700.

Cosmic Ghost Rider revolves around buffs; this is why his passive skill, Cosmic Judgment, increases the duration of the buff, and when he gains five judgments, Cosmic Ghost Rider will inflict a Power Lock debuff on the opponent for 4 seconds.

In addition, when the Power Lock ends or fails to apply, all the judgment on the enemy will be converted to Armor Break debuffs, reducing their Armor Rating by 1130 for 10 seconds. 

However, if Cosmic Ghost Rider faces off against Champions that can nullify his buffs, he will get into trouble. Moreover, Cosmic Ghost Rider will deal less damage if the opponent can remove the Armor Break debuff. Nevertheless, he is still an unstoppable beast if he gets his buffs.

Cosmic Ghost Rider
Cosmic Ghost Rider

Captain America (Sam Wilson) – The new Captain America, Sam Wilson, is a Tech Champion who relies on his Armor Up ability and Lock-On. Armor Up is a buff that increases Sam Wilson’s Armor Rating by 300, lasting up to 5 stacks. Not only does buff allow him to block unblockable Special Attacks, but also auto-blocks them. 

His other passive, Always Active, does not allow him to land Critical Hits. Still, he inflicts Rupture instead, which also inflicts a Sapped Charge to an enemy. When the Sapped Charge reaches 25 stacks, if Sam Wilson consumes the stacks, this will replace it with a Power Dain Passive, which drains 50% of the opponent’s power.

On the other hand, Lock-On is activated by dodging or blocking for 1.2 seconds. When Cap is on Lock-On, he inflicts Cowardice which reduces Special Attack Damage by 40%. This will then be further enhanced by his Special 1 and Special 2, where the former inflicts a Physical Vulnerability debuff. 

In contrast, the latter inflicts a Special Lock that prevents opponents from using Specials for 10 seconds. However, if his Armor is reduced, the amount of damage Sam Wilson dishes out will decrease, and True Strike negates his Auto-Blocks.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)
Captain America (Sam Wilson)

Magneto (Red Suit): The Master of Magnetism, Magneto is a Mutant Champion in MCOC and a massive threat in the game, especially to Champions with the metal tag. Magneto’s kit revolves around Prowess, Armor Break, and Bleed. Prowess allows him to unleash massive burst damage as it increases the damage of Magneto’s Special Attacks.

When it comes to Metal opponents, he gives them an indefinite Magnetized Passive that inflicts a -70% Ability Accuracy and -105% Regeneration rate while Magneto gains special Magnet bonuses. Magnet enhances his Special Attacks and improves his Always Active passive by giving a 50% Perfect Block Chance, an additional Attack rating, and attacks that cannot be “Auto-Blocked” or “Miss.”

Regarding his special abilities, Special Ability 1 inflicts Bleed and adds more if the opponent has Armor Break Debuff. The Special Ability 2 inflicts Armor Break debuff that reduces armor rating by 1400 for 10 seconds. 

And lastly, when cast, the last Special Ability 3 provides Magento, a Fury buff that grants an additional attack for 30 seconds. Additionally, each stack of Prowess buff has a 70% chance of placing a Bleed Debuff onto an enemy. The weakness of Magneto is powerful Mystic Champions that can shut down his buffs.

Magneto (Red Suit)
Magneto (Red Suit)


The A-tier characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions are considered to be reasonably good during the battle, but they are not the best. These characters are either good at several tasks in the game, or they are best at a specific one. An example of a character from the A Tier is given below.

Medusa Cosmic
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) Tech
Sorcerer SupremeMystic
Abomination (Immortal)Science
Mole ManSkill
Magneto (Marvel Now)Mutant
Professor XMutant
Hulk (Immortal)Science
Captain MarvelCosmic
Scarlet WitchMystic
Ultron (Prime)Tech
Proxima MidnightCosmic
Spider-Man 2099Science
Cull ObsidianCosmic
Symbiote SupremeMystic

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Medusa – Medusa belongs to the cosmic class and is known for her living strands in the game. Her living strands allow her to gain a Fury Buff every 3 seconds, up to three times, and every attack is increased by 218.11. You, as a player, should keep in mind that her Fury Buff expires after 14 seconds, after reaching the maximum amount. 

Medusa: Marvel Contest of Champion
Medusa: Marvel Contest of Champion

Venom: Venom is a Cosmic Champion who is versatile as he can counter many opponents due to his unique abilities. He has Armor Break for Champions who rely on Armor Up, can nullify buffs, gain Armor Up themselves, gain True-Strike, ignore Passive Evade, and are immune to Power Drain and Power Burn. 

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This is possible due to Venom’s Genetic Memory Passive which gives him a random Genetic Memory buff, and Klyntar’s buff. These buffs are triggered based on the opponent Venom is facing. On top of that, his Special Attack 1 allows Venom to steal a buff which Nullifies and heals, making him an annoying and sustainable Champion against opposing Champions with buffs. 

On the other hand, his Special Attack 2 converts all of his Genetic Memory Buff into Fury Buff, increasing his attack. Overall, Venom is a versatile Champion who is incredible at countering troublesome opponents in the Battlerealm.


Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced): Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced) is a Tech Champion that relies on the Spider-Man suit that Stark made for him during the Civil War. His kit revolves around the Taunt Debuff due to his Smack-Talk passive. This passive provides a charge of Poise each time Spider-Man evades.

If he successfully lands five uninterrupted attacks, this will turn into a Taunt Debuff that lasts for 3 seconds and lasts longer against Villain Champions. In addition, dodging and idling for 1 second allows Spider-Man to Smack-Talk his opponents to refresh the debuff.

Enemies with the Taunt Debuff will have their Attack reduced by 40% and a 70% chance of activating a Special Attack. Meanwhile, his Stark Tech AI passive increases his Evade chance by 60% against Special Attacks. Also, his Special Attacks will receive bonuses if the passive is active.

For instance, Spider-Man’s Special Attack 1 has a 50% chance of stunning an opponent, but if the passive is active, this turns into a 100% chance. The only disadvantage in using Spider-Man (Stark-Enhanced) is that a Cosmic Champion will negate his passive, and Champions with True Strike make his Evasiveness useless.

Spider Man (Stark Enhanced)
Spider Man (Stark Enhanced)

Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch is a unique Cosmic Champion who buffs herself and her enemy. However, she can Nullify these buffs with a Well-Timed Block and gains a copy of the buff that she nullifies. Scarlet Witch is the perfect Champion against enemies that start with a buff. 

Additionally, launching Special Attacks provides Instability to Scarlet Witch, increasing the chance of gaining a buff. When it comes to her damage, her Special Attack 2 is where she gets all of her damage from. Special Attack 2 bombards enemies with hexes, and each hit inflicts a Poison, Incinerate, or Coldsnap debuff. 

But suppose the enemy is immune to these debuffs. In that case, she still has her Special Attack 3, which deals massive damage to an enemy with numerous active buffs. You only need to look out for enemies that can Nullify her buffs.

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch


The game’s B-tier characters in Marvel Contest of Champions are above average, and the good thing about these characters is that they can easily fit into your team, providing much-needed support during battles. These characters are also known for their good placements in your team. An example of a character from the B MCOC Tier List is given below.

Doctor VoodooMystic
Vision (Aarkus)Cosmic
Silver SurferCosmic
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)Skilled
Red HulkScience
The HoodMystic
Doctor OctopusTech
Jabari PantherSkill
Emma FrostMutant
Hulk (Ragnarok)Science
Hit MonkeySkill
Storm (Pyramid X)Mutant
Luke CageScience
Red GoblinCosmic
Punisher 2099Tech
Black Panther (Classic)Skill
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)Science
War Machine Tech
Venom The DuckCosmic
Invisible WomanScience
Thor (Ragnarok)Skill
King GrootCosmic
Black Widow (Deadly Origin)Skill
Elsa BloodstoneSkill
Silver CenturionTech
Red GuardianScience
Joe FixitScience
Mister FantasticScience
Civil WarriorTech

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Sabretooth – Sabretooth belongs to the Mutant class and is known for his Untamed Heart. Sabertooth can gain a passive Regeneration stack in the game that can help him recover from the damage done to him by enemies. It is seen that during the game if Sabertooth doesn’t get hit by the opponents within a 5-second time interval, he will start losing the Regeneration stacks.

Sabretooth: Marvel Contest of Champion
Sabretooth: Marvel Contest of Champion

Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer is a Cosmic Champion who becomes more powerful by having numerous unique buffs. His passive Power Cosmic Buff is an indefinite buff that can be consumed to activate either a Power Rate, Fure, or Armor Up buff, depending on the dormant icon shown by the Power Cosmic Buff. 

In addition, he is immune to Coldsnap, Incinerate, and Shock debuff, which makes any of the debuffs into a unique buff. If Silver Surfer has at least 3 Unique Buffs, this will enhance his Special Attacks, further increasing his survivability and damage.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

Star-Lord: Star-Lord is a Tech Champion that needs to retain his combo for more damage. Moreover, his Element Gun has the chance of inflicting Shock, Armor Break Debuff, Heal Block, or Drain the enemies power, which can be triggered by either using Special Attack 2 or 3. This makes Star-Lord the best against sustainable, Special Attack reliant, and Armor Up-reliant Champions.

Star Lord
Star Lord

Vision: His Special Attacks burn the power of your opponents, which makes them unable to use their Special Attacks. On top of that, if it reduces the opponent’s Power to zero, they receive a Heal Block Debuff. Moreover, Vision has complete immunity to Poison and Bleed, making him withstand Champions who rely on these. However, his damage is low, resulting in him being in the B tier.



The C-tier characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions are average champions who play other average champions and are often considered good help for decent teams. An example of a character from the C Tier is given below.

Taskmaster Skill
Squirrel GirlSkill
Winter SoldierSkill
Daredevil (HK)Skill
Night ThrasherSkill
Black Widow (OG)Skill
Wolverine (X-23)Mutant
Old Man LoganMutant
Mister SinisterMutant
Rocket RaccoonTech
Iron Man (IW)Tech
Howard The DuckTech
Abomination Science
Ebony MawMystic
The OverseerScience
Ghost RiderMystic
Spider-Man (Symbiote)Cosmic
Captain MarvelCosmic
Ms. MarvelCosmic

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Ronin – Ronin belongs to the Skill class and is known for his Unrelenting Agility. His Signature Ability in the game allows him to gain Evasion for 2 seconds while he is at 7 Cruelty Passives. 

Ronin: Marvel Contest of Champion
Ronin: Marvel Contest of Champion

Winter Soldier: Winter Soldier is from the Skill Class and utilizes his Ammo rotation to inflict Debuffs onto the enemy. Each time Winter Soldier uses a Special Attack, it will have an additional effect depending on the Ammo loaded into his guns. All of his Special Attacks inflict a Bleed Debuff and combining it with the Incendiary or Hollow Point ammo, will increase your Special Attack’s damage. 

However, if your opponent is immune to Bleed or can remove the debuffs, the damage of Winter Soldier falls off. In addition, it will be hard to face opponents with Power Drain or Special Suppression as Winter Soldier’s damage relies on his Special Attacks.

Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel, a Champion from the Cosmic Class, is a damage dealer who can also be highly durable. She has a unique state called Binary Ignition when she absorbs Energy Damage. While in Binary Ignition, her bonus Energy Damage will enhance all her attack damage and provide a permanent Fury buff while the duration lasts. 

Additionally, her light or medium attacks have a chance to inflict Armor Break debuff resulting in her dealing more damage. On top of that, if she gains 20 Energy Charges during Binary Ignition, Captain Marvel gains an Indestructible debuff which prevents all incoming damage for 6 to 12 seconds.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

Abomination: Abomination is a Science Champion with a Poison ability and great synergy pairings when awakened. He is immune to all Poison, and if he gets a Bleed Debuff, he will have a 95% chance of poisoning the enemy. 

Moreover, the Poison debuff will reduce Health Recovery by 30%. In terms of damage, he has a 12% chance of getting a Fury buff, increasing his Attack. However, his damage primarily relies on Poison, so you will have a problem if you face an enemy with Poison immunity.



The D-tier characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions are below-average ones and have fallen out of the current meta. You will have to put a lot of effort into your game if you choose a character from this tier. An example of a character from the D Tier is given below.

Champion Class
Daredevil (Classic)Skill
Captain America WW2Science
Red SkullTech
America ChavezMystic
Agent VenomSkill
Green GoblinTech
Ultron (Classic)Tech
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)Cosmic
The ChampionCosmic
Black BoltCosmic
Black Panther (Civil War)Skill
Iron FistMystic
Thor (Jane Foster)Mystic
Doctor StrangeMystic

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Beast – Beast, belongs to the Mutant class and is known for his chain combo in the game. His current combat form allows him to execute different chain combos. Also, you need to remember that if you perform an unsuccessful combo in the game, you should wait for 5 seconds before performing a new one. 

Beast: Marvel Contest of Champion
Beast: Marvel Contest of Champion

Agent Venom: Agent Venom is a Skill Champion that depends on Bleed and Incinerate for damage using his Special Attacks. On top of that, he has a 70% chance to Purify any debuff, making him the perfect counter to enemies like Abomination. 

In addition, he reduces the Evade Chance of an opponent with his Special Attack 1. However, if his passive does not trigger, you will have difficulty facing other Champions, especially when Agent Venom cannot Purify a debuff.

Agent Venom
Agent Venom

Drax: Drax the Destroyer is a Cosmic Champion and a fearsome warrior who is all about damage. His Signature Ability and Special Attacks grant Drax Fury a further increase in his attacks. Moreover, his Special Attacks also inflict Bleed Debuff. On top of that, Drax’s Critical Hits also have a chance of inflicting Bleed damage. However, facing an enemy with access to Nullify will decrease the overall DPS of Drax; this is why he is in the D tier.


Loki: The god of Mischief, Loki, is a Mystic Champion and a powerful sorcerer who curses and steals buffs from opposing Champions. His Special Attack 3 curses the enemy, enhancing Loki’s other abilities. In addition, Special Attack 1 steals all of the opponent’s buff and can reset the curse’s duration. 

On top of that, Loki’s Signature Ability passively generates Power, resulting in him unleashing his Special Attacks quickly. But, if you encounter an enemy that uses debuffs or takes advantage of their pure Attack stat, Loki will have difficulties, especially against physical attacks, as he is weak against them.



The F tier contains the worst characters in the Marvel Contest of Champions that you should keep your distance from. It is better to opt for a character who is in a higher tier than any F-tier one. An example of a character from the F Tier is given below.

Champion Class
Deadpool X-ForceMutant
Iron PatriotTech
Moon KnightSkill
Captain America (Classic)Science
Unstoppable ColossusMystic
Spider-Man (Classic)Science
Iron ManTech
Superior Iron ManCosmic

Deadpool X-Force – Deadpool from X-Force belongs to the Mutant class and is known for his Duodenum Poke. His signature ability allows him to pierce the Duodenum of his enemies while letting them bleed for 3 seconds.

Deadpool_X-Force: Marvel Contest of Champion
Deadpool_X-Force: Marvel Contest of Champion

Ant-Man: Ant-Man is a tanky Science Champion who uses debuffs to damage enemies. He can inflict three debuffs which include Power Sting, Fatigue, and Poison, using a Pym Particle. Moreover, he becomes tanky by inflicting the Unsteady debuff on an enemy, giving their attack a 100% chance to Glance when Ant-Man uses a Special Attack. 

In addition, he can petrify an opponent with his Special Attack 3 and, together with the Power Sting debuff, makes him a great counter against Champions who benefit from Power Gain. However, Ant-Man is useless against enemies with Power Drain and Purify.


Cyclops: The leader of the X-Men, Cyclops, is a Mutant Champion with a straightforward strategy of building up the Power Meter to unleash devastating Special Attacks. Additionally, his Special Attacks inflict an Armor Debuff, and his passive boosts the Critical Rating of his Special Attacks to 75% for 6 seconds.

Combine all of this, and Cyclops will deal massive burst damage. In addition, if your Cyclops is awakened, his Special Attacks will become unblockable when you reach a 20 combo or above. But if your opponent has Armor Break Immunity, Cyclop’s damage becomes minuscule.


Superior Iron Man:– The Superior Iron Man is a sustainable Cosmic Champion who relies on Armor Break debuffs. All of Superior Iron Man’s Special Attack inflicts Armor Break debuff, which becomes useless if you face an enemy with Armor Break Immunity. Regarding sustainability, Superior Iron Man gains an Armor Up buff when attacked and heals himself when his HP drops to 15%. However, Nullify can negate this, which takes away his main strength.

Superior Iron Man
Superior Iron Man

We have now come to the end of our guide on the Marvel Contest of Champions tier list. We hope the tier list helps you in picking the best champion. If you have created your own MCOC Tier List then do share it with us in the comment section. Stay connected with for the latest gaming updates. 

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