Modern Mouse Pads: Which One to Choose in 2022 [September]

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Modern Mouse Pads for your pc in 2022. If you are an avid PC gamer or spend much time on your laptop, you should take care of all required accessories to get the best experience possible.


Modern Mouse Pads: Which One to Choose

Everyone who spends an impressive part of the daytime with their PC should take care of creating comfortable conditions. It is the only possible way to get the best user experience and not lose interest. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of such a simple yet useful thing as a mouse pad. It is not enough to grab the first one you come across on the internet or an offline store because it may not meet your basic requirements in the end.


To avoid dissatisfaction and disappointment, it is worth going deep down the question and getting more information about the key features of such an item. If you have a tight schedule because of your college assignments, you can always reach out to the specialized writing service and pay someone to do your homework to meet this challenge. Thus, you will have enough time to find out what mouse pad will become your perfect match.

Material Type

The very first thing you should pay attention to is the material of the mouse pad you are going to use. The modern market offers a wide range of different options to everyone’s liking. In most cases, they are divided into two categories: hard and soft mouse pads.

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The latter is more known as a cloth mouse pad since manufacturers utilize soft foam and fabric for its creation. You can easily roll it up and take it anywhere with you. Thus, if you carry a laptop and prefer to use a mouse instead of a touchpad, it’s worth opting for a cloth pad. Besides, its structure allows your wrist to rest on it and provides perfect mouse control. Hence, if you play video games that don’t require fast speed on your part, this feature may play a crucial role. Another advantage of this option is a decreased noise level compared to a hard one. It seems its biggest drawback is the short term of usage, so you will have to replace it in five months.


Hard mouse pads come in plastic or any other solid material like aluminum. It’s a great option if you play fast-paced video games in which speed is a crucial moment. Besides, they do much better with a laser mouse compared to a soft one. Many people avoid their usage because the surface feels cold to the touch, and the absence of cushioning material leads to fatigue after a prolonged gaming session.

Mouse Pad Size

Obviously, a mouse pad will occupy some space, so you should decide beforehand what size will be more suitable. It can be large, medium, extended, or small. If you are a gamer or want to become one, you should opt for a large one, so you will not limit yourself while playing. This variant is also better for low gaming mouse sensitivity since a low DPI provides an improved control when aiming at something or moving.


Nonetheless, a medium or small size can also do if you work on your laptop, play some other types of games, or are a lucky owner of a high gaming mouse DPI. The latter means that a mouse cursor can cover a huge distance on the screen even if you move the mouse a little. Besides, smaller sizes will surely find a place on a table.

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Base Thickness 

If you open any web store that offers mouse pads, you will come upon a huge variety of options with all possible levels of thickness. Which one will suit you more? Well, it is one of the fundamental aspects that determine the basis of your pad. Bear in mind that a slim base (about 2mm) will be suitable for people who like a more solid feel. In other words, its characteristics will resemble a hard plastic mouse pad.


On the other hand, if you grab a heavy base (about 5mm), you will get more comfort thanks to increased thickness. So, any uneven surfaces will not bring discomfort. Nonetheless, the standard base (about 3mm) will represent something in between the above options.

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This aspect is no less important than the material of your mouse pad or its size. If you want to purchase an item that will not lose its qualities right after the first wash or several weeks of constant playing, it’s worth looking for an option that can boast of a thick stitched frame around the pad. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your purchase much longer and not be afraid that it will not survive a single wash. However, it will not be superfluous to examine a guide on how to take care of mouse pads to prolong their service life.



Even though it will hardly influence the physical characteristics of the item, it is still worth paying attention to this aspect since you will spend a lot of time together. If a mouse pad doesn’t match your style, it will start annoying you quite soon. The best option should fit into the interior or at least reflect your preferences.

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The modern market offers a huge variety of mouse pads with pictures of cartoons, games, comics heroes, and laconic monochrome ones. You can search for a suitable style on the internet, for instance, Pinterest may suggest a few suitable options that will match your laptop and interior design.


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