Nintendo Direct Release Date June 2020 Postponed

Nintendo Direct Release Date: Nintendo has probably postponed the planned Nintendo Direct in June. According to information, the company wanted to present numerous highlights around the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. A digital presentation of Nintendo has been around the E3 for many years. Nintendo is now said to be struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.


Nintendo Direct Release Date

According to recent reports, Nintendo will not be running a Nintendo Direct this June. Since 2013, And that’s why Nintendo Direct Release Date is now postponed. The company has presented numerous innovations at the E3 in Los Angeles.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the event has to take a break this year. And the pandemic now seems to be causing problems for Nintendo too. According to VentureBeat sources, Nintendo Direct should revolve around Super Mario and its 35th anniversary in June.

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A month ago there were rumours of several remastered versions of Mario titles of the time, which are currently under development for Nintendo Switch. These include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. A new edition of Super Mario 3D World also seems to be on the way. In addition, there have recently been rumours of a new spin-off from Paper Mario.

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How long Nintendo fans have to wait for the next Nintendo Direct is not yet clear. The last main edition took place on September 4, 2020, almost eight months ago. The report suggests that Nintendo may not have a new presentation by the end of summer.

In March 2020, a few minor highlights were last presented during a Nintendo Direct Mini. In addition to the release of the Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on May 29, 2020, Nintendo has currently no further titles for fans.

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