Nintendo Switch New Feature 2022

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Nintendo Switch New Feature 2022: With Switch Firmware 10.0.1, Nintendo has released a new system update for its current game console. The changelog does not provide specific details about the changes. However: Since the current system software, a new function has been identified in the eShop.


 There is now a screenshot slideshow for the games offered in the online shop. A Twitter user introduces the new function in a short video. In addition, players report faster response times in the eShop after Nintendo Switch firmware 10.0.1.

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Nintendo Switch New Feature

Nintendo has released the Switch Firmware 10.0.1 as a download. Size changes and innovations are not expected. In the changelog, the manufacturer only reports that they have worked on “general system improvements” to optimize the user experience. No specific details are known. Nintendo seems to have made a small adjustment in the eShop. A new function can be found in the Nintendo Switch online shop.

If you are on the switch in the eShop, you can now have screenshots of the respective games displayed as soon as you stop on a tile. A Twitter user has created a short video that introduces you to the function – we have included the clip below.

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After just a short time on a game tile, the eShop now shows a screenshot slideshow. This gives users a better impression of the game without having to go to the relevant product page. On Reddit, users also report faster response times in the eShop.


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According to the users, the online shop has been working much faster since the switch update to version 10.0.1, and the lag is also allegedly minimized. It is not known whether Nintendo actually made improvements here.

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The new firmware follows only a few days after the release of the major system update 10.0.0 for the switch. Version 10, for example, introduced new options for data transmission. This article on Nintendo Switch New Feature, do comment down your views and do share this on social media platforms.

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