[SOLVED] Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On: Easy Steps [2023]

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Do you want to know why Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On? or do you want to get this fix? Then in this article, we will be covering everything you should know about the issue and the methods to fix this problem.

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There is no denying that Nintendo Switch is one of the coolest gaming consoles in the market. It is always a different feeling playing on Switch by Nintendo because of the flexibility of the console.

One thing that does not change with every gaming console out there in the market is that each and every gaming console can face some issues over time while using them. In this article, we will be talking about the “Nintendo Switch won’t Turn On” issue and also the ways that will help you fix it.

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Reasons: Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

If your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, then there might be a few reasons behind it. The most common of all is simply a low battery or a power supply issue though it might be possible that there is an issue with the operating system, software, or video game update of the Nintendo Switch that may have caused the Nintendo console to stop working.

In most cases, there’s not a lot to worry about and you’ll soon be able to turn your Nintendo Switch on and finally play your favorite video games on your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Fix the Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

As the culprit behind “Nintendo Switch not turning on” is more than one, so are the possible ways to Turn On your Nintendo Switch console.

These few ways include checking the battery, checking the power chord, seeing if the Switch is charging or not, checking the power adapter, performing a hard reset, etc. All these methods are mentioned below, it would a good thing if you have a read before initiating any process.

Methods to Fix: Nintendo Switch Won't Turn On
Fix 1: Check the Battery
Fix 2: Check Power Cord
Fix 3: Plug it in to charge
Fix 4: Perform a hard reset
Fix 5: Check the power adapter
Fix 6: Change Power Cord
Fix 7: Take it to the repair shops

Check the Battery

The first thing that you should do, if you are having the “Nintendo Switch won’t turn on” issue is to check the batteries of your Nintendo Switch.

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If you feel like there is an issue with the batteries and the batteries are the only thing that is causing the issue, then you should replace them with newer ones so that they do not cause you further problems.

Check Power Cord

It is possible that due to any reason, the power cord might get damaged. So here you have to move further to check if there is any problem with the chord like it is broken or torn.

If you come across any of these problems then you should replace the damaged cables with a new one. Also, if you have a loose connection, you should set it right.


Plug it in to charge

If the batteries of the Switch have been drained, it needs to recharge again to get you out of this issue. If your console ran out of power and you plug it in, you won’t get anything immediately, and waking up, it will take some time (a few minutes maybe).

But if your console sat for weeks or months with no charge it could take several hours to get even any kind of response out of it.

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You should leave it on charge (keep regularly checking) for at least 1 to 2 hours, but keep it plugged in for longer if it still shows no signs of life. If after a time period of 12 to 24 hours, you still get nothing from trying to turn it on, you should try to hard reset it as one last attempt to get things going.

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Perform a hard reset

To perform a hard reset you should press and hold the power button for about 12 to 15 seconds and after this release it. After a minute, you should turn on your device and check whether you have fixed the problem or not. If not, then move on to other steps.


Check the power adapter

The official power adapter is a pretty hard shell, but it’s not impenetrable. First, you should check inside the USB-C plug for any bent pins that might not be able to make any contact, inspect the cable for shredding or wear out as this can cause a short circuit, and also make sure there are no cracks on the side of the wall adapter.

If you see any signs of damage, do not use the adapter at all as it could pose a danger. Replace it with another official adapter, and see if using a new one solves your issue.

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Change Power Cord

You should also go to check your power cord as it may be a cause of concern. Sometimes when you use your console for a long time and do not do any repair work, the power cords may get old and have wear and tear issues with it. If you find something like this, you should change the Power Cord and get a new one.


Take it to the repair shops

Finally, if nothing works, you should get your Nintendo Switch to a repair shop and let the professionals handle the situation because sometimes, things are not in our hands and it is better to let someone do the work who knows things better than we. Just remember to ask the repair shop, what was the issue behind your Nintendo Switch not turning on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What to do if Nintendo Switch won’t turn on after charging?
Answer: If your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on after charging, the first thing that you should do is to perform a hard reset.

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This is all for the guide on How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On. If you want to share any suggestions to fix this more efficiently then give your time and let us know, you can the comment section which is given down below. Your suggestion will help many Nintendo Switch Players to get rid of this problem.

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