Although the real – world roads do not have turtle shells or bananas that make you get off track, play Mario Kart  can increase your skills at the wheel. A study published this week by Psychological Science found that some games (like the one starring Mario) can significantly increase your visual motor skills, making you a better driver in the process.

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According to researchers, play Mario Kart requires players to coordinate their muscle response to visual signals that come your field of vision. This ability is essential not only for the times when you are in control of a motor vehicle, but also to perform many everyday tasks.

Play Mario Kart 2017

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The study looked at 80 students and staff at the University of Hong Kong as they participated in a series of experiments involving video games. According to scientists, action games like Mario Kart and Unreal Tournament  require that people quickly respond to visual stimuli while quieter titles – such as The Sims 2 – do not bring many benefits accordingly.

Play Mario Kart 2017 is GOOD

According to the study that we are already talking about that, Play action games can improve your skills at the wheel. So playing game is not a bad habit its a good habit and its good for health too.


The comparison was made after sessions of 10 hours of play, in which participants who experienced Mario Kart showed significant improvements in their visual and motor coordination. Already those who received securities slower pace showed no such improvements.

“Staying in an action game for 5 hours improves the accuracy and the response of the visual and motor control,” the study said. In other research, scientists have found that experienced Players tend to better control a virtual car than those who do not usually play video games. According to them, the benefits were the same regardless of whether the participant had not or driver’s license.

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