Prince of Persia 6 New Game: Ubisoft to Announce Soon

Prince of Persia 6 New Game: Ubisoft to Announce Soon: While the whole world secretly dreams of Sam Fisher’s return for the Splinter Cell license, Ubisoft seems to be on the verge of announcing a new episode of Prince of Persia.


Prince of Persia 6 New Game

Indeed, the firm led by the semilliant Yves Guillemot has just deposited the domain name.¬†Ubisoft is it preparing things for Thursday, May 7, when Microsoft plans to reveal many games around its Xbox Series X, in addition to the reveal of the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

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It should be remembered that the Prince of Persia saga has not appeared on home consoles since 2010 and the episode “The Forgotten Sands”, which was far from the best of the saga. In 2013, the Prince of Persia tried mobile games, but again, it was not really conclusive.


Still, at that time, Ubisoft had proceeded in the same way by depositing the domain name, before the latter thus became Les Sables Oubliés. It remains to be seen now whether it will be a complete reboot of the series, a remaster of an old episode or downright a sequel, even if we suspect that after 10 years of absence, the creatives at Ubisoft rely on the scriptwriting continuity of the franchise. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Prince of Persia 6 New Game or Prince of Persia 6 Release Date.

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