The executive participated in an issue of  CNBC Today when the subject on the consoles came to the table. Although he did not explicitly mention a PS4 Neo release window for the holiday season in the US (the famous Holiday period in the Christmas season), the boss may have revealed, in between the lines, that he has information Privileged with regard to dates.

PS4 NEO Release Date

The interviewer asked Raines to comment on the launch of “new hardware” at the end of the year, thus, in the plural, ie, embedding (or suggesting) the Xbox One Slim and a new PS4 in that account. The presenter also mentioned the NX, and it was when the CEO of OMGGamer corrected the journalist saying that Nintendo’s console is scheduled for early next year.

 PS4 NEO Release Date

Raines then started talking about Sony and Microsoft products as if they were both inside the same release window. “But remember, there are two different factors: the Neo PS4 and the Slim version of Xbox One. So we will have some activities and upgrades as well as the VR,” he said, addressing the issue within a single point in the same context of launch.

As the executive’s statements were interpreted in every possible way – and quickly reverberated into the network – OMGGamer then retracted in a statement sent to OMGGamer. “Paul did not say that the Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo hardware drives will arrive for the holidays. The anchor [interviewer] was the one who referred to this period. Paul simply reminded him that there would be hardware upgrades coming up – Xbox One S and PlayStation Neo. He did not give a time reference on when they will be released, “the company said.

The note also cites that the CEO does not mention the Xbox Scorpio, which would, in theory, be Microsoft’s answer to the PlayStation Neo – or, perhaps now, vice versa? For now, no new PS4 was announced in the “traditional” way by Sony. What we have are comments from company executives about a new device and leaked documents, but the market follows no dates.

Xbox One Slim arrives Next Month

Meanwhile, the Xbox One Slim will be released next month and will have interesting additions to the hardware as well as a redesigned aesthetic. Microsoft’s first-party games are also almost all dated in the calendar.


Sony, it’s time to get a little out of the abstract and give some dates to us, can it? There are a lot of PS4 games without the least prediction – virtually all announced at E3 2016 – in addition to the new consoles.

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