Caixista or sonysta, welcome! Starting the series of games Analyzes of the exclusive Xone , in chronological order, today our Unbox is the Ryse: Son of Rome , in partnership with Microsoft Crytek.

This game was released as a gateway to the new green generation and is considered to date (including by me) one of the most beautiful games visually, showing the graphics power that came the new generation of consoles. The game was displayed next to the console market entry, on November 22, 2013 (and maybe the date explain why my fanaticism: p), and Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5, which will be the next game on our list of reviews.

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Ryse Son of Rome 2017 Analysis


The story for me is one of the strengths of the game. The way the scenes are shown and worked is totally engaging, and not be surprised if the game did a movie with more detailed and cohesive passages with each other. In addition, the game promises twists and some mysteries that are revealed in the course of the campaign, holding you in the narrative. In some parts, the story comes to mind to a mix of


God of War 2 (game) and Gladiator (film) ,but almost insignificantly. It has a hint of Roman mythology, but in a more artistic, philosophical aspect, where the reflection is in the handling capacity of the gods in our destinations. Do not expect anything “poderzinhos” and magic weapons, the game follows the line of a true soldier of war. The final is to take your hat off, but suffers not to explain many of my doubts. A possible continuation would be ideal for this role.Marius Titus, is seen in front of a war against the barbarians who want to destroy the Roman Empire and eventually murder the emperor Nero Augustus. Amid the attack on the city and its responsibility as a leader of an army, Marius finds a new mission beyond that given to him by the emperor: to seek revenge for his family had been brutally murdered recently.

Graphics (Only the gameplay , regardless of  cutscenes )

The flagship of the game, the graphics leave nothing to be desired. The very Crytek commented saying Ryse would show all of the new generation of graphics power (exclusively from the Xbox One ), and showed both that now surpass the beauty of the setting, the level of detail and the almost perfect combination of light and shadow of a game almost 3 years old.


The game was so well thought out in terms that are there times when you literally, and turn your vision to contemplate the landscape around. Implementing scenes are realistic, and every time Marius crosses the sword at an enemy and ends, referred to me as the very scenes of 300,where the killing was in slow motion . For those who like disappointment  à la Sparta, Ryse is a full plate.

The downside in the graphics is just the little variation of NPCs (characters not controlled by people), where in a battle scene, sometimes happen to you to fight with two equal avatars. Not enough to bother, since in battle are several NPCs in the field, and you can interact and attack any of them. In a game with such graphic power, it is to understand that in some way would be harmed for the good of the whole.


We arrived at one of the aspects that most disappointed me, but did not take the brightness of the game : the gameplay. When playing Ryse for the first time, you’re delighted with everything, see the enemy losing their arms and having their throats cut priceless, but with the passage of the game, the movements are monotonous, and taking one more or more difficult time, you just follow the script to defend, attack or counterattack. You do not jump or through obstacles on their own, to get close to a barrier or obstacle, the game does this automatically. The use of Kinect is cool, but it is limited and not very involved in the gameplay. Yet it is interesting to see that with technological advances in voice recognition, you can order firing spears at enemies or launch catapults. Many are so unique =).

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In this aspect again I came to my head  God of War , where to set the execution blows and perform the perfect sequence of fatal blows, you need to be aware of the color of your enemy, and press the button corresponding to it (X = Blue , B = Y = Yellow or Red). It was something I really liked, and missed in some previous fighting games, the famous “Combo”. However, as said earlier, over time, to see the same enemies being cut off and blood everywhere, you get to avoid the slow motion and begins to kill just by pressing the attack and defense.

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As for executions, you will not go hungry. Crytek thought right and entered the “Legend Points” which you earn by killing enemies and spend attribute points, or new plays, which are many.

Campaign time

Note: 6.5 boxes 
Another question that left the desired playing time. In just over six hours played, the game ends. That’s it, the story gets like “I want more.” You keep hoping for an extra cut scene at the end and … nothing. Wait ‘s been one year and a half for a continuation = /. There is also the multiplayer mode where you battle with opponents in a coliseum, but I did not like much. It is at this point my greatest dissatisfaction.

Worth or not worth it? Okay, for sure!

Will be rare times when I will scullate the game here lol obviously because it is exclusive Xbox and being games of my preference, or “fanboyismo” some might say, but I say that every game worth playing, then you draw conclusions.

Ryse Son of Rome 2017 Analysis
Ryse Son of Rome 2017 Analysis

Ryse: Son of Rome can be considered by many as a set of tests, start of a generation of games to let anyone open mouth, but I think it should be placed at the same level of many more current games. With a history that appeals and stunning graphics in its time, is a game that deserves to be played, enjoyed and taken advantage of . Although it is a great idea, the first game piece for its repetitive gameplay and limited combat. Still, eagerly await the release of a sequel to the game

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