The SIMS 5 Release Date, Trailer, Rumors, Leaks, News [2023]

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In this article, SIMS 5 Release Date Worldwide, we are sharing about the anticipated release date of SIMS 5, the rumors about it, news, and the rest as follows. So start practicing your Simlish and prepare to recreate your home over again because the best-selling video game SIMS 5, enters the next generation. It has been more than five years since EA and Maxis released a new generation of The SIMS.

The Sims 5 Life simulation game
The Sims 5 Release Date:2023
The Sims 5 Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Macintosh operating systems
The Sims 5 System Requirements:- CPU: Intel i3 9th Gen
- OS: Windows 11
- RAM: 8GB
The Sims 5 Developers:Maxis, The Sims Studio
The Sims 5 Mode:Online & Offline Both

There are many people who like video games who must be eagerly waiting for the next update of the Simulation video game.

When is The SIMS 5 Release Date?

There is no specific announcement of the SIMS 5 Release Date as of now, but we anticipate in 2023 most likely it will be released. Since this year 2020 is the simulator series ’20th anniversary there is likely to be an announcement about the release date. Though there is also a low chance of a late 2023 release too.

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SIMS 5 Release Date Worldwide

Currently, the SIMS 5 release date is still unknown but it will be better with the latest technology. Wilson, one of the developers said “there are new generations of games” however, this doesn’t obviously mean The SIMS 5.

It’s been a long time since the release of SIMS 4, SIMS 3 & SIMS 2, and people are looking for upgraded versions of the series. The CEO Andrew Wilson also confirmed SIMS 5 during Electronic Art’s Q3 FY20.

Is EA working on Sims 5?

Unfortunately, the developers, of Electronic Arts, and Maxis are still silent about their official plans for the next game. This could mean they still have more gameplay content lined up for The SIMS 4. But we are sure then game development was started.

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SIMS 5 development cost is very high as compared to the previous game. As per some gaming experts, the total cost will be around $40 Million to $50 Million. This time the company will come up with something unexpected and for that new technologies will cost more that’s why the cost will be this much.


Now, game development may affect because of the COVID-19 as many countries are in the lockdown stage and EA already issues work from home to their employees.

SIMS 5 for PS4, Xbox & PS5

As of now The Sims 4 is on PC. We are asking ourselves which consoles and platforms will The SIMS 5 be available on? Depending on its predecessors, The SIMS 5  is likely to be cross-platform eventually, including a likely release on PS5 and Xbox Series X, however, this probably maybe a few years after the initial PC release.

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How much will the Sims 5 Cost?

There are many people asking about the cost of sims 5, as we are still unknown when the game is going to hit the market. But as per our game experts game will be available in the market from $49-$89. Before the launch, there will be a pre-order of the game.

SIMS 5 Rumors

EA was questioned about the chance of returning back gameplay features from the 2002 game “The SIMS Online” with Facebook releasing a VR massively multiplayer game called “Horizons.” Wilson gave a positive answer that later fired up considerations on what gameplay features could be included in The SIMS 5.

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Wilson answered that virtual social interplay has been at the center of the life simulation franchise, and will still be in the future, while a brand of friendly competition amongst “The SIMS” players appears. It also seems that the EA exec has indirectly verified that SIMS 5 and other future titles are in the pipeline.

The Sims 5 Release Date
The Sims 5 Release Date

There is a rumor that it will have an online version. The concept is entirely a rumor at this point and more of a wishlist but it cannot be completely rejected out either. The plan is to walk into the world of Battle Royale Games and make a free online version of The SIMS 5 possible for the mass gaming community.

It will create an entirely new range of players who will be able to take part in the game through a multiplayer community similar to the one that was discussed by EA’s CEO. Along with this, there will be expansion packs for SIMS 5. With the release, of the new game there will be an expansion pack or not that’s still not confirmed.

SIMS 4 will shut down?

There are rumors that whenever the next part will launch, then EA will shut down the SIMS 4. Well, this is completely wrong. EA will never do this because it always thinks about the sims and with the help of experience in the years with its audience it will only improve the series and will never shut down any of the game.

Is The Sims 5 trailer Real 2023?

There is already a trailer of a new sims game that is SIMS 5, claiming “SIMS 5 Official Trailer”. Well, we recommend you do not trust any trailer, or teaser over the internet, as the game is under development and till now there is no hit or official announcement about the game.

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People are using mods and creating cinematic videos of the game and after some edits, they are uploaded over the internet. We do not support any video claiming Offical SIMS 5 Video. So do not trust any kind of video. We also saw many websites saying you can pre-order sims 5 now, but till now EA has not announced anything about the game other than how you can do a pre-order, So be aware of these kinds of scams.

SIMS 5 System Requirements

Well, these System Requirements are not officially confirmed, these SIMS 5 System Requirements are predicted by our gaming experts.

  • OS: 64 Bit Required. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • CPU: i3 5th Gen or More
  • RAM: At least 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • GPU: 2 GB

SIMS 5 News

You may be thinking about what this “The SIMS or new sims games”. The SIMS is essentially a life simulator, in which you create digital avatars and control every aspect of their life from their house and job to the smallest detail of their lives.


As a whole new added entry, The newest sims game that is SIMS 5 will not just have enhanced graphics but also several new features.

However, not much is known yet, but the game has been approved to have online features meaning you’ll be capable to visit your friend’s creations for the very first time. There is also hope that content removed from The SIMS 4 will return in this generation with an open world, transports and vehicles, and full neighborhood customization.

SIMS 5 Online

This question might have been answered during EA’s Q3 2020 financial results meeting where Wilson appeared to have mentioned one of the ideas for The SIMS 5.

If it was any hint, the next game could concentrate on online and multiplayer features. He continued to say that The SIMS for a new generation should be in a cloud-enabled world accords platforms. So after the official announcement only or after the SIMS 5 Release Date announcement, we will get to know about SIMS 5 Online.

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He added that virtual social interaction and competition that were highlights of SIMS Online. It is slated to make a comeback in the future installments of the series. It is then not far-fetched to hope that online and massively multiplayer gaming are some of the biggest surprises planned for “The SIMS 5.”

SIMS 5 Images (Unofficial)


SIMS 5 Trailer

Currently, the game is in the development stage and that’s why there’s no SIMS 5 Trailer Officially. Though you can find many videos claiming ” SIMS 5 Official Trailer”, none of them are official. Will share the SM4 Trailer once is officially launched, but just for entertainment purposes here is a fan-made trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What will be the SIMS 5 Price?
Answer: Sims 5 will be available at a price of $45-$85.

FAQ 2: Does SIMS 5 require a good graphic card?
Answer: As for now there’s no statement on this, but to get ray tracing you need a graphic card from the RTX series.

We hope for the best as we can’t wait for The SIMS 5 Release Date Worldwide. However, it is worth celebrating that EA does have plans to continue the video game series in the years to come. The SIMS 5 goes to be massive regardless of when it gets officially released. Also, share your SIMS Experience with us with help of the comment section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest news on the SIMS.

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