Soon play WOW with World of Warcraft Controller

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World of Warcraft Controller: Blizzard currently has good and bad news for fans. The game will not be released for the PlayStation, but soon it will be possible to play the MMORPG with the controller. World of Warcraft: The Shadowlands expansion is designed to take the game to a whole new level.


The new World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands is ready and Blizzard has some news for the players. Although the studio has denied rumors that the game may be released for PlayStation 4 or even PlayStation 5, Blizzard is currently working on controller support.

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World of Warcraft Controller

Blizzard Community Manager Randy “Kaivax” Jordan recently confirmed in the forum that the studio is currently working hard on controller support for World of Warcraft:

“For a long time, we have seen a small number of players turn to third-party add-ons such as Console Port 17 to solve certain access problems. We want to make WoW more accessible whenever possible. So in Shadowlands we’re trying to add support for key mapping, camera, and character control using controllers like the Xbox Adaptive Controller. ”

It is not yet known when exactly this will be implemented. We will keep you up to date. What would you think of the possibility of playing WoW with the controller?

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