Star Wars The Old Republic- A Beginner’s Guide to Crew Skills 

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What is normally known as professions in most games, are called ‘Crew Skills’ in Star Wars The Old Republic. The crew skills SWTOR offers are essential to the core of the game since they are what let you craft indispensable items with the resources you’ve gathered.


And the best part about SWTOR crafting is that you do not need to disturb your gameplay to go and gather resources for crafting. This is what you have your crew for! Your crew will go ahead and gather resources on your behalf, craft the items themselves, and further, even complete missions for you!

There exist three categories of SWTOR crew skills. They are: Crafting Skills, Gathering Skills, and Mission Skills. Every subscribed player has access to 3 slots of SWTOR crew skills, while free-to-play players have access to just 2. You are allowed to have more than one Gathering or Mission skill, but only one SWTOR crafting skill. 

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The 3 Crew Skill Categories


Crafting Skills

Every resource that is gathered by yourself and your crew can be used to craft items using the SWTOR crafting skills. You can choose between the 6 different crafting skills to craft armor, weapons, and various other useful items. All of the crafted items can be sold on the Galactic Trade Network for profit. Unlike the other categories of crew skills SWTOR possesses, you can only equip one crafting skill.

Gathering Skills

When you and your crew venture out to explore various planets, the four different gathering skills you can learn enable you to gather various materials for crafting purposes. Like with crafting, the materials gathered through Gathering skills can be sold on the GTN for profit. But fortunately, unlike crafting skills, you can equip a maximum of 2 gathering skills at one time. 

Mission Skills

The third category of SWTOR crew skills is Mission Skills. The 4 missions skills enable your companions to venture out on their own to acquire loot, complete objectives, or gather information. Be cautious with which missions you complete, because they can also either reward you with light or dark side points. Like Gathering skills, you can equip up to 2 Mission skills at one time.

Top 5 Useful SWTOR Crew Skills

Below, we are going to list out the top 5 Useful SWTOR crew skills from the 14 diverse crew skills that exist currently:



Synthweaving is one of the most essential SWTOR crafting skills. The most useful aspect of this crew skill is its ability to create augments, mainly the alacrity and critical augments. Healer and DPS players often need both and will pay amazingly for it!

Synthweaving orange armor craftable 

Synthweaving pairs nicely with the gathering skill Archaeology as well as the mission skill Underworld Trading (since it provides the fabrics used to craft Synthweaving items).

You can find Lord Jerren, the Synthweaving trainer on the outer ring of the fleet in the Crew Skills section.

Artifice 10,10a

Artificers act as crafters who are able to construct lightsabers and other force-user-friendly items. Among the crew skills SWTOR offers, Artifice is one of the most rewarding. SWTOR Artifice enables you to craft dyes and color crystals that allow you to change the look of your gunfire or your weapon’s blade, which can make you some decent bank if you decide to sell these items.


It would be beneficial to pair the SWTOR Artifice skill with Archaeology and Treasure Hunting, as both provide the crafting materials utilized with this crew skill.

Acolyte Smythe, the Artifice trainer in swtor, is found on the outer section of the Fleet, in the Crew Skilcrew skills swtorls section.

Archaeology 111216

Archaeologists practice this gathering skill by gathering various crafting materials such as Force-Crystals and ancient artifacts. This crew skill is a popular pick by players since it is fairly easy to level this skill up.

There also exist some flashpoints which possess archaeological nodes that can really streamline the progression of your group by providing your group with a nifty shortcut!


Archaeology goes well with the crafting crew skills: Synthweaving and Artifice. Officer Hele, the Archaeology trainer, is found on the outer ring, in the Crew Skills section of the fleet.


Amongst the SWTOR best crew skills exists Bioanalysis. As a Bioanalyst, you gather animal components and plant matter as crafting materials. Since you are bound to run into a plethora of plants and animals on your journey, gathering Biolanalyst materials and leveling up this crew skill should be of no issue. All gathered materials will also sell for a lot on the GTN.

Bioanalysis pairs well with the crafting crew skill, Biochem, as players utilizing Biochem are the main users of the materials which Bioanalysts gather. Doctor Reggok, the Bioanalyst trainer, can be found of the outer ring of the fleet, in the Crew Skills section.


Underworld Trading 

Just go ahead and send your least valuable companion into the villainous claws of the underworld to acquire crafting materials, rare fabrics, and companion gifts! This crew skill is also preferred by players who cannot utilize a trifecta to craft.

Underworld Trading is also useful for acquiring items that are used for various crafting purposes or which can be sold for great profit. You don’t even have to do the work yourself, just let your least liked companion do the dirty work while you enjoy the game.


Other crew skills that complement this one are Cybertech and Synthweaving. Sectoso, the Underworld Trading trainer, can be found in Carrick Station of the Fleet.

And there you have it, our beginner’s guide the crew skills in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Enjoyed our content? Make sure to browse through OMGGamer for more!

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