The Controversial Hatred Game on the Nintendo Switch?

A controversial game from 2015 is about to land on the Nintendo Switch console, to the surprise of many internet users. It’s so surprising that we take it with a grain of salt; chances are slim. It’s a Nintendo fan account that shared a trailer for the Hatred game on YouTube, stating that the controversial game would land on the Nintendo Switch.


Reading the comments under the video, we quickly see that Internet users did not believe the news. However, the studio Destructive Creations, which developed the game Hatred, has posted an image on Twitter that seems to state that the game is indeed planned for the Nintendo Switch.

Hatred Game Controversial even before its release

Before its release in 2015, the Hatred game had been controversial after being withdrawn by Valve from the Steam Greenlight service because of its content deemed too violent. Valve chairman Gabe Newell backed down the day after the decision, allowing the game to return to Steam Greenlight. Hatred was finally released in June 2015.


Hatred has received an “adult-only” (AO) rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). This is the third game to receive this label for extreme violence rather than sexual content, behind Thrill Kill and Manhunt 2. Twitch has outright banned all AO games from its platform; if you broadcast part of a prohibited game, you yourself risk being banned from the site.

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Developed and published by Destructive Creations, Hatred is a shoot ’em up where the player embodies “The Antagonist”, a man who hates humanity and therefore decides to “erase all humans” on his way. The game had received negative ratings from journalists, who however acknowledged that the Sin City style game’s visual design was flawless. On Steam, however, the ratings are generally positive; a fact that developers have fun pointing out on the official Hatred website.


Hard to believe that an AO game is eventually found on the Nintendo Switch; developers may just be making jokes with their players. Even if they seem to confirm the news on Twitter, let us be very skeptical.