The Division 2 Update 9.1: Ubisoft Schedule it to May 2020

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The Division 2 Update 9.1, Ubisoft Schedule it to May 2020: Ubisoft recently released Title Update 9 for The Division 2, an addition is now coming with Title Update 9.1. This update should be released in mid-May or maybe a little later and the developer has already indicated what we can expect.


It has also become clear that the second Raid will not be included in this update. The intention is for this Raid to be released in the spring, but no specific release date is currently known. Update 9.1 will mainly focus on balance adjustments and events will also be added.

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The Division 2 Update 9.1

  • NPC aggressiveness
  • NPC targeting accuracy
  • Grenade accuracy
  • FPS drops in the Dark Zones
  • The Warhound Convoy activity is considered too generous as-is and is something the developers will look into for the patch.

Regular server-side updates will continue in the meantime, including a planned update next week. A release date for Title Update 9.1 is also anticipated next week.



Raid 2 Update

Currently, the second raid has a spring release and is not specifically tied to the June Title Update. They will announce the Raid release ahead of time so that you can prepare for it and gear up. They don’t want to combine the raid-release with a lot of balance changes, because the players need to know the game and have their builds ready to have a good chance to complete the raid.

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So in short, you will know when the raid will drop ahead of time so that you have a chance to be ready. In addition to that, there’s also a Season update that introduces the Home League event.


Season Update

New Event – Home League

  • Runs for two weeks.
  • This is the first League to feature activities in New York.
  • Gain up to 60 ranks to earn 10 rewards, including a unique backpack trophy and an Exotic Cache.

Three Manhunt Targets are now available as of last week.

  • They will be available until the end of the Season.
  • Clear all four Manhunt Targets to get access to the Prime Target.
  • Beating the Prime Target, once available, will unlock a new Skill mod.

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This is all for the news on The Division 2 Update 9.1, stay tuned with us for more updates on gaming.

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