Sony Confirmed: The Last of Us 2 Leak, Not by Employees of Naughty Dog

The Last of Us 2 Leak, Not by Employees of Naughty Dog: But unlike the previous leaks which were content to swing the information on the scenario in bullet points, this time, they are whole sequences of video game which found themselves on Internet, on YouTube, but also in the forums of 4Chan and Reddit.

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Quickly, the information that it would be an employee of Naughty Dog (injured by the culture of crunch and internal worries) who would have decided to take revenge circulated in stride. On social networks, the image of the Californian studio and one of its layers, Neil Druckmann, has been tarnished.


The Last of Us 2 Leak

As early as this morning, journalist Jason Schreier (ex Kotaku and now with Bloomberg News) hinted, after speaking with many developers working at Naughty Dog, that the trail of the disgruntled employee was probably not the maid. And the latter was still right because since a few minutes ago, the site has just had information from Sony Interactive Entertainment that it is in no case an internal member of Naughty Dog, and even less from Sony.

The Japanese publisher has already identified the authors (there are several obviously) and that an investigation is currently underway. Of course, at this point, Sony did not wish to say more, but one thing is certain, such a leak is likely to leave traces whatever happens.

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On social networks, many fans have demanded from critics a public apology for having soiled the aura of the studio which did not deserve to be lynched in the public square. For others, it is simply a manoeuvre on the part of Sony and Naughty Dog to stifle an affair that is starting to get nauseous.