New: The Settlers 2020 Images/Screenshots

The Settlers 2020 Images: Ubisoft provides new information about the military in The Settlers 2020. In a recent blog entry, the developers introduce the armoury from the building game. Weaponsmiths need iron and steel bars, which are produced in the smelter, to manufacture weapons. Ubisoft had already given details on this.


More advanced humming can be made in the armoury than in the weapon workshop. Read more in the article. New screenshots and short game scenes for the armoury from The Settlers 2020 are also waiting for you.

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The Settlers 2020 Images

Ubisoft gives new details about the military in The Settlers 2020. In a recent blog entry, the developers are introducing another building from the building strategy game with the gunsmith.

“Sooner or later our prosperous empire will face jealous neighbours and we have to defend ourselves to protect our settlers,” the developers write. With the weapons made in the armoury, you can defend your locality. More advanced weapons can be produced in the smithy than in the weapons workshop.


The Settlers 2020 Screenshots

In order to manufacture the weapons in The Settlers 2020, the weapons manufacturers use iron and steel bars. They are produced in the smelter. Ubisoft had already presented details on this last week. In order to be able to build the armoury, the first step is to build a town hall (village level). You can expand the smithy once. At the village level, two workers make swords and axes.

The Settlers 2020 Screenshots
The Settlers 2020 Screenshots
The Settlers 2020 Screenshots

If you build the smithy on a small-town level, another worker will be added. This simultaneously unlocks the production of lances and hammers. The weapons are then transported to the military school or the military academy. Advanced units also need armour. The developers plan to publish further details soon.

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We have screenshots from the armoury in our gallery below. You can find a video with short scenes about the armoury on the website of the building game. Game is scheduled to appear later this year.