This “Minecraft RPG” Could be a Hit

Yes this Minecraft RPG is going to be hit. Riot Games buys Hypixel Studios, whose developers have been working on a worthy Minecraft alternative with the role-playing character since 2015. With the gaming giant in the back, the sandbox game could become a real hit. Unlike Minecraft, Hytale is said to offer scenarios in which you can fight dungeons and boss fights.

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Minecraft RPG online scaled
Minecraft RPG online

The promising sandbox adventure Hytale comes from a small studio called Hypixel Studios and has already made a name for itself through a popular minigames server for Minecraft. The studio has been developing its own sandbox game since 2015, which should combine the successful mini-games with a lively sandbox role-playing game world.

Minecraft RPG

The indie developer gets active support from Riot Games, which recognized the potential of the game and bought the developer studio. Hypixel Studios should continue to be mostly independent and only benefit from the experience and expertise in the video game world.

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Even if the sandbox game is very suggestive of the block competitor, it should offer much more extent than Minecraft and be developed to include role-playing elements.

Minecraft RPG online
Minecraft RPG

In addition to the ability to face bosses and dungeons and customize your character, the game offers a number of modding and programming options. It should even be possible to create your own films within the game. The Hypixel Studios team is very excited about the takeover by Riot Games and will very likely benefit from it. Hytale is expected to appear on the PC next year.

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With the support of Riot Games, Hytale could face a bright future. So far, it seems to provide good ideas and good potential. What is your impression of Hytale? And do you think it could be a worthy Minecraft alternative? Please write to us your thoughts in the comments.


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