How To Farm Titania Prime Relics [Warframe Guide in 2023]

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How To Farm Titania Prime Relics: The prime frame is getting the prime treatment, which implies higher health, armor, energy, and obvious things. Titania Prime Access dropped in a few days ago, the access consists of the frame itself, Pangolin, and the Corinth Prime.


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This comes at the very right time when most countries are practicing the stay-at-home slogan, therefore, no need to get bored. Besides looking cool, Titania Prime is just the second Warframe to have a custom walk and sprint animation. She floats above the ground instead of walking which is pretty good.

Steps: How to Farm Titania Prime Relics

First, Step on how to farm Titania you need to know what type of void Relics to look out for and the component they drop. As you know, building Titania requires the Blueprint, chassis, neuroptics, and systems.


Where do I farm Titania Prime relics?

With the given four things below you can easily farm the Titania Prime relics.

  • 1. Blueprint – Uncommon – Lith M5

Lithium M5 relics are best framed from the Hepit in the void. The capture mission is quick and easy and it guarantees a lith Relics when completed. New players also have a chance to get the Lith M5 from Olympus on Mars.

  • 2. Chassis – Common – Neo M3

Here you go to the disruption mission on Uranus then defend all four conduits you will get a new relic. However, a rotation of the capture mission drops a guaranteed Neo Relic.

  • 3. Neuroptics – Uncommon – Meso E4

Go to Up on Jupiter since a rotation has a very high chance of dropping a meal Relic. It is a defense mission where you need to complete 10 waves/mission and Meso relics will be dropped as many times as you want.

  • 4. Systems – Rare – Axi T5

Go to Apollo on Lua and complete the disruption mission and defend all the four nodes in a map and you will get Axi Relic drop. The B and C rotations also guarantee an Axi relic due to this interception. This area allows you to farm Neo and Axi relics at an equivalent time. An Axi every five minutes is possible with a good squad.

Titania Prime Latest Patch Notes

Titania, a mischievous pixie, has been enchanting enemies since she was first released in Warframe back in 2016’s Silver Grove update. Four years later, her primed variant, Titania Prime, is now available. While you can get instant access to it through the Prime Access shop for Platinum, you are also able to farm for her relics and build the Warframe yourself. So, here are the Titania Prime Latest Patch Notes for you.

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The Titania Prime is out so now you can play tricks on your enemies. It is operation Scarlet Spear (Titania Prime) 27.3.6. It is tempting and terrifying. It comes along with the Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime.


The Corinth is heavy in the hand with a bone-crunching kickback. This version of the shotgun adds remote detonation of the weapon’s airburst round. The Pangolin Prime house sword has been beautifully redesigned. You can find Titania Prime, Corinth Prime, and Pangolin Relics on their classic spots that are void, defense, and survival.

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The Relic rewards from Ground Assault and Murex Raid missions have been replaced by Scarlet Spear. Limbo Prime, Pyrana Prime, and Destreza have been vaulted. This vaulting brings about some shifts such as replacing Steel Meridian’s Sacrifice of Destreza Handle with Redeemer Blade.

General Scarlet Spear Changes and Fixes

(A) General Changes

  • The Umbra Forma Blueprint was removed from the Rare Crate drops. The Split Flight Mod issue was clarified to include ‘Non-AOE Bows’ in the description.

(B) Fixes 

  • The Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls were fixed blocking Coildrives.
  • The weapons losing function until you land if the Shedu is equipped while in Archwing and you attempt to switch weapons is fixed too.
  • Fixed the Melee magnetism not functioning with Titania’s Diwata in Razorwing.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a zone gets destroyed in the same frame as a connectivity update.
  • Fixed Vennari’s Healing aura affecting Defense Targets.
  • The Preparation Mod malfunctioning if you have no extra Mod Capacity.
  •  Losing Melee functionality after Deploying then swapping the Twin Decurions.
  • Fixed the Warframe spinning endlessly while exiting the Arsenal when previewing a weapon with a controller.
  • Fixed the Drimper Moa Bracket appearing incorrectly when viewed in Legs’ Offerings.
  • Fixed weapon ‘Damage Total’ in the Arsenal not appearing for weapons with only one Damage type but can be affected by multishot.

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  • Arsenal Upgrade screen where the stats scrollbar would be out of bounds if you had scrolled to the bottom of a long list of stats and then removed Mods to remove a large amount of those stats.
  • Fixed a material mismatch between Nova Atomica’s Helmet and body.

Fixed a script error that occurred when a Host migration in a Survival mission, when playing a Defection mission, when playing an Infested Salvage mission on Eris, when attempting to play the Shawzin, and lastly when using Fireworks.

And with this, it’s a wrap on the How To Farm Titania Prime Relics guide. Hope you guys are now ready to farm Titania Prime Relics and show your skills to your fellow gaming friends. Just follow these easy easy steps and in no time you’ll find yourself standing with Titania Prime relics in hand. We will update you guys if we get loaded with another update or patch note of the game.

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