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Top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controller: Grab yourself with an Xbox One Wireless Controller, featuring a sleek, modernised design and textured grip for improved comfort form our Top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controllers list. You can get up to twice the wireless range by plugging in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And with Bluetooth technology, play your favourite games on Windows 10 PCs, laptops and mobile devices without any fuss.


Whether you are in search of a solution that is absolutely geared towards competitive play, a good all-rounder that will befit any occasion or just want to replace your regular gamepad, our round-up of the top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controllers has got you covered. Here we will break down what is an Xbox One Wireless controller is, the top 10 Xbox One Wireless controllers, and our choice of the best Xbox One Wireless controller, helping you to more adequately weigh up your options to make a convinced purchase decision.

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What is Xbox One Wireless Controller?

The Xbox One wireless controller aka the Xbox One controller is the original game controller for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X home video game consoles. It is also available for its use in Windows-based PCs, and fit with other operating systems such as macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. It has had three revisions with various changes to the controller’s design and functionality. The Xbox Series X will launch an updated version of the controller soon.



The Xbox One wireless controller has the all-inclusive design found in the Xbox 360 controller, but with multiple twists to its layout, such as an improved shape, redesigned analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and triggers, along with new roll motors within the triggers to allow for a directional haptic response.

The wireless controller works similarly to any wired controller does, with the button commands being transmitted through a cable or wire. Wireless controllers use infrared or Bluetooth to perform its functions. In addition, the new Xbox 360 wireless controllers can be charged by either a pair of regular AA batteries or a rechargeable battery pack.

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Top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controller


Before jumping into the next great game awaiting you on Xbox Game Pass, ensure you do so while using a controller that makes the most sense for you. These are our choice of the Top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controllers that are worth your consideration.

1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – The pro and overall best Xbox One controller


The Xbox Elite Wireless controller series 2 has an excellent design with great built quality and Bluetooth. It comes with a custom button and paddle mapping with short hair-trigger locks. It is easily customisable and has changeable thumbsticks and D-Pad. It is a high-end device and is heavier than a standard controller.

The biggest change in box Elite Wireless controller is the shift to a USB-C port for charging its 40-hour battery.

2. Xbox One Wireless Controller – The best Bluetooth and traditional Xbox One controller


The Xbox One Wireless controller has a timeless design with long battery life. It is available in custom colour combos with Bluetooth for easy PC use. It also has satisfying button feedback with true D-pad. It is not rechargeable without extra purchase and won’t last as long as compared to an Xbox Elite Wireless controller series 2.

The Xbox One Wireless controller has definitely the best design there has ever been on any platform, with its controlled analog sticks and accurate size leading to long hours of comfortable gaming.

3. Xbox Design Lab Controller – The best customizable Xbox One controller


The Xbox Design Lab controller allows you to create and customize your own controller inspired by any game or game character with more than 1 billion possible colour combinations. You can also add laser etching for a personal touch. It features Bluetooth for easy wireless gaming on Windows 10 devices and is compatible with Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, Chat Headset, Stereo Headset, Chatpad and more.

Xbox Design Lab has a textured grip for more control and includes 3.5mm stereo headset jack and (2) AA batteries.

4. Xbox Adaptive Controller – The best Adaptive Xbox One controller


The Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed essentially to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility, it is a centralised hub for devices that helps make gaming more convenient. It also features Bluetooth for easy wireless gaming on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs with familiar features such as Xbox Wireless, USB connectivity, Copilot, and a 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

Xbox Adaptive Controller is a customizable device and you can customize through button remapping and profiles. You can connect external devices such as switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks to design a custom controller experience that is uniquely yours.

5. Razer Wolverine Ultimate – The best eSports suited Xbox One controller


The Razer Wolverine Ultimate comes with excellent design and long braided cable for durability. It is suitable for competitive players and has customizable paddles and buttons. It offers integrated audio controls with 4 remappable buttons and short hair-trigger locks. It also provides a non-slip rubber grip with elegant chroma lighting.

However, Razer Wolverine Ultimate has an unusual paddle design and fairly high price with no option to use wirelessly with PC.

6. Hyperkin Duke – The best nostalgia-fuelled Xbox One controller


The Hyperkin Duke wired controller has a faithful design to the original and the OLED display gives it a subtle touch. It is modernized with headset jack and precision triggers and bumpers. It has also got great attention to detail and vibration feedback.
Hyperkin Duke is too big, only comes wired, and can be hard to get hold of at times, all these points make it likely too old-fashioned for modern players.

7. Amazon Basics – The best budget Xbox One controller


The Amazon Basics is available with a solid built and designed close to the official controller. It has a great price and proves to be a value product itself. It is basic, affordable, but still a well built and reliable performing controller.
In addition, Amazon Basics is a wired controller and does not have much variation in colours. Also, it cannot remap buttons like the Razer Wolverine Ultimate.

8. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller – The best wired controller for Xbox One


The PowerA Enhanced wired controller is more affordable than the official Xbox controller and has two advanced gaming buttons. It has dual rumble motors and has been officially licensed by Microsoft. It offers an incredibly simple style and gives you a competitive edge.

9. Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick – The best arcade stick


The Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick has an amazing construction with the popular and well-regarded Hayabusa stick. It can be easily modified and offers a satisfactory fighting game experience. It offers the ultimate input for Xbox fighters with a quality stick and button combo.
Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick is quite pricey and is one of the largest arcade sticks.

10. Thrustmaster TS-XW – The best racing wheel


The Thrustmaster TS-XW comes with realistic design and gives an experience as close as you can get to the real thing without a helmet. It has amazing force feedback which makes your game even more realistic. It provides 1080-degree rotation racing wheel based on a real wheel and it is the pinnacle of sim racing hardware on Xbox. It is a very heavy and high-end gaming device.

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Best Xbox One Wireless Controller | Our Choice

Our choice for the best Xbox One Wireless controller is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 simply because it has a number of features that most of the Xbox controllers lack such as adjustable-tension thumbsticks to enhance your aiming, shorter hair-trigger locks to fire even faster, wrap-around rubberized grip to stay on target, and re-engineered components.




Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is built for performance and designed to satisfy the needs of today’s competitive gamers. It features over 30 new ways to play like a pro. It is the world’s most advanced controller. You can stay in the game with up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life and polished components that are built to last. You can also charge the controller either inside or outside the carrying case with the included USB-C cable and charging dock.

That was all for our Top 10 Xbox One Wireless Controller | Omggamer Expert Choice guide, breaking down what actually is an Xbox One Wireless controller in detail. Some of you guys may disagree with our choice of the best Xbox One Wireless controller and we respect that, however, it is solely based on our experience with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Which is your favourite Xbox One Wireless controller? Did you find your go-to gamepad from our top 10 Xbox One Wireless controllers list? Let us know down in the comments.

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