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Twitch Prime Free Games 2020: The six “free” games that Twitch Prime members can download in May 2020 are now known. Among other things, you can expect Fractured Minds, Pankapu and Urban Trial Playground. They are all available for download until May 30th.


Prime members of the Twitch streaming platform will once again be able to download several games “for free” in May of this year. In the meantime, the complete list is known, which of course we do not want to keep from you. For example, the so-called art game Fractured Minds from the indie studio EmilyMGames is available for download. Everything revolves around anxiety disorders and mental illnesses, but this was packaged quite playfully.

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If you prefer something a little happier and, above all, more colourful, you might get your money’s worth with the 2D action platform Pankapu from Too Kind Studio. The story or game world is set in the dreams of Djaha’rell – a child who once had terrible things.

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You slip into the role of the warrior Pankapu, who is supposed to stop the invasion of nightmares. Those who like two-wheel action, on the other hand, should be interested in Urban Trial Playground, which comes from Tate Multimedia and lets you swing on the saddle of a stunt bike.


Twitch Prime Free Games 2020

  • Avicii Invector
  • Fractured Minds
  • Pankapu
  • Urban trial playground
  • The Little Acre
  • Snake pass

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To access all of this “free” content, you must first link your Twitch account to an Amazon Prime account. This way you will automatically get access to Twitch Prime. Membership for this costs 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros per year. In return, you can benefit from some advantages such as the “free” games, exclusive loots and special promotions. Twitch Prime users can also subscribe to a free subscription to any streamer of their choice per month, thereby providing financial support. This is all for the news on Twitch Prime Free Games 2020.