Warframe Wisp Strengths, Weakness & Farming

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Warframe Wisp Strengths, Weakness & Farming: I am sharing ideas on why Warframe Wisp is powerful? What makes her a very powerful Warframe to play? What abilities does she have? However, she is powerful and she also has her weaknesses which aren’t many. They are like just two. We shall discuss them also in this guide.


Have you been finding trouble while trying to farm the Warframe Wisp? No need to worry because I have you covered. We shall discuss the best way to farm.

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Is wisp a good Warframe?

Wisp is good Warframe or bad you will get to know later in the article. Let’s begin with the Wisp strengths or abilities. Warframe Cetus wisp, a powerful beam of pure light this is one more.


Warframe Wisp Strengths

With strengths you will also look for How do you use wisp first ability? will discuss this later in the second article.

The Reservoirs 

The main ability of Wisp’s kit is her Reservoirs. These are extra-dimensional pods. They come in three flavours: Vitality, Haste and Shock. They all have specific roles they play. Once summoned, the pod will provide an AOE buff itself as well as send out motes that extend the buff for up to 30 seconds while outside the range of the Reservoir. Vitality increases base health and adds passive regen. Haste increases movement, attack speed, and fire rate.

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Then the Shock provides a passive DOT in a short radius that also stuns in an arc. Since Wisp can have up to 6 pods up at one time, players can feel free to proactively set down support as their team needs it. The pod’s duration is undefined. Therefore, set up them in strategic situations, and then you and your teammates can corral enemies near them for effective engagements.


Wil-O-Wisp is Wisp’s second strength. No wonder it’s the namesake. When you activate the ability, you will have the frame cloak and summon an ethereal projection of herself that will continue in a target direction to distract enemies as it travels. At any time while the skill’s span, players can hit the key over to immediately teleport to the projection’s spot and get temporary protection.

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However, you can also continue the button down to have a more active projection that will still allow for teleportation as soon as you let go of the ability key. This skill has several applications like the Tenno has a distraction ability, making it work to jump into combat from afar when the opponents are off-guard. Wisp can also use this ability to open Friendship Doors alone as well as teleport past Spy laser obstacles undetected. This ability works more powerful when with her full kit.

Breach Surge 

The breach surge considerably prolongs her influence over the battlefield. In a target area, Wisp makes the dimensions to generate an energy blowup that blinds enemies. When the enemies are blinded they become susceptive to release secondary fires on a hit that will go to nearby enemies and have a possibility to blind them too. This ability is powerful because if players cast it on a Reservoir, the Wisp will teleport to that pod and the ability’s range will be doubled. This ability will let players dance around enemies and control space as she sees fit.


In her ultimate, Wisp turns her powerful abilities towards the radioactive power of the sun, opening a portal and channelling this Sol Gate into a giant plasma deathray. Players can reposition and aim the beam at will. Wil-O-Wisp can be used during Sol Gate to quickly hit from a different angle.

Once the enemy is got just where you want them, then hold the fire button, it will slow the Wisp’s movement down but double the effective DPS, incinerating enemies with new vigour.

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Any motes from active Reservoirs will move to Orbit Wisp during Sol Gate, letting you spread buffs and debuffs alike. Breach Surge secondary sparks too have a 100% chance of triggering from each hit of the solar attack. And though the skill constantly consumes 12 energy from this spritely frame, players can finish it early by pressing the power key over.

When all Wisp’s abilities are combined, you can move around enemies while providing key support to teammates in need. You have the power to approach situations in a way that best suits you. Wisp wreaths herself in a dimensional shroud which renders her invisible to enemies until she fires a weapon. The Warframe Wisp has a high energy pool and is easy to obtain. However, with these abilities let’s talk about her weaknesses.

Warframe Wisp Weakness

The Warranty Wisp is known for her energy pool, it’s all abilities that make you dance enemies around. Despite all this, she has her weaknesses which are not many. However, these weaknesses do not mean the Wisp is a bad game, no!  Get me right it’s a very good game that even gives you authority to control the battlefield.

These weaknesses are usually from the players as feedback. They include low Shields and mediocre AoE DPS. I hope these will be worked on in the next release. These make it a bit hard to farm well the Wisp. Now let’s talk about how to farm Warframe Wisp.

How do you get wisp Warframe?

Through Wisp farming you can easily get, follow the following information and wisp will be there for you.


Warframe Wisp Farming

Wisp is an amazing frame for a variety of players because no matter what way of Warframe Wisp Farming you go with, you’ve still got an excellent kit of abilities that will test your skill and creativity. For an impartial approach, upping ability strength should be a priority to assure that Reservoir and Sol Gate have greater effects for both you and your team.

You can never go wrong with more efficiency from Streamline, as this will let you shape the battlefield easily with more opportunities for targeted buffs and debuffs. Now let’s talk about how to farm her. As you can see it has very many strengths compared to its weaknesses.

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Firstly, shoot the Ropalolyst’s Synovia the dark grey areas on its back to stun it. Then quickly press the button on the console in the middle platform to shoot a giant beam from the sky, down onto the boss. There is a possibility of the Ropalolyst to shake out of the stun over time. Then shoot the Synovia again to knock it back down. While you do this, additional enemies will spawn on the platform, and you might need to deal with them if they start to down the team.


Then repeat that entire procedure with the other two towers in the area, keeping in mind that the Synovias are already destroyed. That means you only need to shoot the boss to stun it again!

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Once the boss is defeated, it will then drop one of the four Wisp blueprints. However, you cannot tell which one you’ll get. You will get to repeat the Ropalolyst boss fight multiple times to farm the Wisp Warframe completely. The more times you play, the higher the chances of farming the Warframe Wisp gets. However, avoid fights that require a lot of AoE that have heavy damage.

While ending this guide, Warframe Wisp: Why She is so Powerful? I hope both the current and new players have learnt something helpful. It has many strengths and fewer weaknesses. You need to constantly play it so as to improve and learn its new skills such as how to farm it. Wish you the best.

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