Why is Age Of Empires 4 Not Coming? AOE 4 In 2021?

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We have all been eagerly waiting for the announcement of the Age of Empires 4 Release Date, but all in vain. However, we are still patiently hoping the developers might surprise us soon. In this article, we share firstly what we anticipate the Empires 4 gameplay to look like, why it has been delayed, and lastly it’s possible to release date. Age of Empire has had 3 evolutions that are 1,2,3 and the first game of the series was released in the back years in 1977.


What is the Age of Empires 4

Relic Entertainment, the creators of the most loved games are the brains behind the development of the Age of empires 4. It’s the first new entry in the series in over ten years. AoE 3 was released some time back in 2005. Since the game’s announcement in 2017 at Gamescom the developers haven’t said much about the project. However, the publishers intend to release the game exclusively on Windows 10.

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The trailer involves an English city besieged by Mongols. We’re first shown some part of the city, it involves some familiar buildings and units.  villagers are hurrying to work or carrying resources, mills surrounded by farms, pikemen marching in formation, and castles on a hill.

There are some new features, such as walls and towers that allow troops to walk along with them and fire on enemies unlike in the other previous Age of empires. There is a view of distinct roads, bridges, fountains, greenery, and idle pieces. This layout is quite interesting we hope the developers are still working to produce the best. 


In the countryside, a falcon flies high, revealing the invading Mongols. We know it might work as a scout, which is an important part of all Age of Empires games that feature a fog-of-war mechanic to keep enemies hidden. We can see cavalry, infantry, and siege on the field of battle. The infantry is seemingly rallied by a lone figure, which might suggest some sort of leader. Archers seem to be able to set up temporary defensive structures, and elevation will no doubt still play a significant role in combat mechanics.

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 Age fans will recognize in the bottom-left corner of Duffy’s monitor the four primary resources that are food, wood, gold, and stone. You’ll still need to gather resources with villagers and advance through four ages to gain access to more powerful units and upgrades.


Reasons: Age Of Empires 4 Delayed

We have tried to come up with some reasons why we think this game has taken a long to be released. 

  1. Due  to the outbreak of  the COVID pandemic 
  2. Development Time
  3. Scarcity of Resources 
  4. High levels of Technology Required 

When is the Age of Empires IV Release Date?

As of now, there’s no set date for an Age of Empires IV releaseThere’s still no official release date of the Age of Empires 4. We were hoping for one at XO19 last year, but it wasn’t in the cards. However, the game seems to be making great progress. If you’re to randomly ask the fans of the long-time RTS, the Age of Empires will be the first on the list. 


The first entry, released in 1997, focused on human history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, while the second entry focused more heavily on the Middle Ages. Age of Empires III, released nearly 15 years ago, moved ahead in time to the colonization of the Americas. We can’t wait to see what Age of empires IV has for us in stock. We hope it suits our wish list. 

As we wait for the official release date for Age of empires 4, let’s continue playing the previous ages of empires especially the II, so interesting. I hope this article has benefited you. We will update this page with the current information on the Age of empires. Stay safe. 

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