Xbox Series X Coming With 60 Frame Rate Games?

Is Xbox Series X Coming With 60 Frame Rate Games? Only games with least 60 FPS will run in the upcoming Xbox?, These questions are always coming from people. One of the game journalists ask Microsoft about this and Microsoft official replied with a future vision.


Xbox Series X 60FPS: Microsoft Offical 

Recently Xbox crossed 10 million subscribers. ” It is the end of 30fps, but that the creative control is henceforth in the hands of the developers, explained Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at the Redmond firm. We believe that resolution and framerate are primarily a creative decision. Sometimes, in terms of gameplay, 30fps is the best possible choice. With previous generations, it happened that we had to sacrifice the framerate for the benefit of the resolution, while with that which arrives, it will only depend on the developers. Even in the context of a competitive game – Esport, combat, FPS -, there will no longer be this glass ceiling that represents 60fps. As we have seen on PC and other ecosystems, it is best to focus on high framerates and reduced latency. ”

Also, Sony’s PlayStation 5 Worldwide release date is set to September 2020. This is all for the Xbox Series X News, stay tuned with us for more updates on gaming news.

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