We believe there has to be an easier way to find the information that you’re looking for online without reading tons of unnecessary text or bloated videos that won’t get to the point right away. We strive to make it fun and accessible to everyone – including building your own PC.

With all the excess information out there about computers, hardware, and gaming, how exactly do you find what you’re looking for right away? That’s where we come in.

We cover events with original reporting, write news about upcoming games, create buying guides based on tons of research, review products and games, and much, much more.

Our main goal is to simply explain advanced topics as simply as possible so that everyone finds what they’re looking for right away, though we do cover each topic in detail as well.

The team behind Omggamer are proud gamers themselves as well. We even have technical computer nerds on the team. We’re here to help you and other visitors or viewers.

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