Battlefield 5 Server List | Get Cheap Rental Server [2023]

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Battlefield 5 Server List | Get Cheap Rental Server guide where we will learn about the Battlefield 5 server list, Battlefield 5 rental server, cheap Battlefield 5 server on rent, and Battlefield 5 server rent sale. To know more check out the below Battlefield 5 server list and more details.


Battlefield 5 Server List

The Battlefield 5 game server is a server or host which is the official source of events in this first-person shooter video game. The server transmits complete data about its internal state to allow its connected clients to keep up with their own particular version of the game world for a display to players. They also collect and process each player’s input.

Here is the Battlefield 5 Server List.

  • Oceania – AWS Sydney
  • North America – AWS Ohio
  • Asia – AWS Japan
  • South-East Asia – AWS Singapore
  • South America – AWS Brazil
  • Cina – AWS

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Battlefield 5 Rental Server

Earlier this year, there were many questions regarding Battlefield 5 rental servers that enable Battlefield players to run games with custom settings, map rotations, and private player lists. Rental servers have been playing a big role in the Battlefield series for years, however, in January Electronic Arts said that it would not start the plan unless it could match quality standards and make economic growth sense.


Later this year, EA finally confirmed that rental servers are going to be launched, and the fact is that they have evolved from the Rented Server Program as it was originally known, to an updated system known as Private Games that will offer “base level” access for free.

The planned “core functionality” for the first phase of the rollout is not etched in stone just yet but currently includes:

  • Create a private game from the main menu
  • Set a custom name for the server
  • Set description for the server
  • Password protect the server
  • Control what maps are used within the map rotation
  • Control what game modes are available
  • Control the number of players needed to break pre-round
  • Kick players from the current game
  • Control what classes are available
  • Control what weapons are allowed
  • Control if vehicles are allowed
  • Control if the kill cam will be displayed
  • Turn friendly fire on or off
  • Turn regenerative health on or off
  • Change soldier tags as visible or not
  • Enable or disable third-person camera view
  • Enable squad leader to spawn only
  • Enable or disable aim assist auto rotation
  • Enable or disable aim assist cooldown
  • Control bullet damage scaling
  • Control game mode ticket scaling
  • Control soldier and vehicle respawn timers
  • Turn the minimap on or off
  • Enable or disable the compass

“Organization options” will include:

  • Apply a pre-set config to a private game: Vanilla, Infantry only, DICE-authored, etc.
  • Save your server settings as a custom preset so you can reapply at will
  • Have your name highlighted in chat if you’re the owner of the server
  • Administrate and manage server settings in the main menu or via our Private Games web portal
  • Have the description of your Private Game presented on the loading screen
  • Manually switch specific players between teams
  • Report private games in the advanced search screen

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Cheap Battlefield 5 Server on Rent


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Battlefield 5 Server Rent Sale

We can expect a Battlefield 5 Server Rent sale later this year. To know more details read below. We have also listed some PlayStation 4 servers for rent.


Core Server List

Country / Server Name / Platform

-US / GONE to HELL / PS4
-US / LeutenentDan65 / PS4
-US / Serveur sans non / PS4
-US / Unnamed Server / PS4
-US / Amiens CQ 24/7 / PS4
-EU / German <SGUG Clan> Eroberung 24/7 / PS4
-US / (2eZy) Official CQ Server / PS4
-US / BFFs / PS4
-Oceania / [BLS] Normal | Conquest | Mixed Maps / PC
-Oceania / [TiG] Battlefield Ballyhaunis | Conquest | Mixed Maps / PC
-US / -3D- 24/7 Conquest – – No Special Rules, Just Have Fun! / PC
-US / ATF Gaming / PC
-US / Phoenix Gaming/Softcore Conquest – 200% / PS4
-US /#1 | 24/7 Conquest GET SUM | LKG / PC
-EU / BiA Hellas Best Maps 200% / PS4
-Oceania / Legion of Anzac’s / XB1
-US / WeedRAR / PC
-EU / [RNG]Rinnegati Italian Clan – Conquest 24/7 – All Weapons / PC
-EU / [D12] The Dirty Dozen | Best Maps | All Weapons / PC
-US / #1 24/7 AMIENS | | / PC


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Custom Server List
Country / Server Name / Platform

-US / -[ALL OUT WAR]- Hard/Core (200% BD) / PS4
-ASIA / [760] TryHard Nation 200% Damage / PS4
-EU / Majdarkwolf 200% dmg deathmatch / PS4
-Oceania / [BLS] Hardcore | Conquest | Mixed Maps / PC
-Oceania / !!!! #3 [BLS] Hardcore | Mixed Mode | Mixed Maps / PC
-US / LuLz Gaming Hardcore NO SNIPERS! – 200% Tickets / PC
-US / Squad Communication DTFO / XB1
-Europe / [DW] HC Hardcore Conquest | 200% DMG | All Weapons | No Rules / PC
-US / JJ CQ custom / XB1
-US / =rTr= #1 HardCore Conquest / PC
-US / =rTr= #3 24/7 Argonne & Amiens / PC
-US / HARDCORE AMIENS Conquest 24/7 / PC
-Oceania / [Px]- Paradox Gaming Hardcore Conquest / PC
-US / hardcore nametags on hud on conquest / PS4
-EU / -[FR]-team FSF-Hardcore-tk on-200% tickets-EU#1 / PC


That is all for our Battlefield 5 Server List | Get Cheap Rental Server guide. I hope you found this guide helpful if you did then do share it with your gaming buddies. We will keep you updated with more Battlefield 5 server lists whenever a new Battlefield 5 server list is launched.

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