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Booty Farm Wiki, Guide & Images

Booty Farm Wiki: Booty Farm is a wildly famous game, adult-oriented video game. After seeing “FarmVille’s” success, Nutaku brought for their own version of the game. Money is just as essential in this game and you might want to know what the best Booty Farm goods are for producing money. This game is Nutaku’s brand-new free-to-play release, a combination strategy game, dating sim, and visual novel. Booty Farm brings together two distinct styles of the game that is a farming simulator and a visual novel.

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● 13+ Different Girls to meet and explore their stories
● 200+ Uncensored love scenes and animations
● Monthly events
● Multiple choice conversation systems
● Visual Novel style interactions
● Complex production line system with over 100 elements to maintain
● 4 ways to distribute goods

Booty Farm Wiki

In the game, you are a playboy who just received his uncle’s old and rusty farm, and your first thought is to sell it and go back to your urban dating games. But then you meet Mindy, the farmgirl and your new assistant. Mindy tells you that there is a lack of men in the village and that the girls are very alone, and it takes very little “conviction” for you to accept to stay. This could be an excellent opportunity to earn some money and meet new fascinating girls!


Booty Farm has 12 unique girls for you to track down in the visual novel portion of the game. The various choices can possibly lead to some lewd goodness in one of over 100 uncensored scenes split across the game’s lovely ladies. The farming features has a sort of “production line” style of collecting goods which means you’ll need A to get B, and then B and C can be combined to get you D.


Windows System Requirement
• Windows 7
• Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA 9400m or equal AMD Video Card / Intel HD4000

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Booty Farm Guide

Booty Farm is lots of fun and our guide will hopefully help you turn a profit in no time! Our Booty Farm guide has got you covered!

The game is all about producing goods to deliver to the women in the village. Simply put, you’ll plant crops on the farm. Those crops will be used to make goods. You’ll then send off a mix of goods and crops to women in the town.


These ladies will pay you with experience, gold, and an increase in the relationship level. There are certain visual novel elements to contend with, too. Girls will ask you questions and occasionally ask you to remember certain facts about them, HuniePop style.

Farming of crops and goods is a relatively straightforward affair. Plant the crop, wait the appropriate amount of time, and harvest it. You’ll get two crops for each one you plant; this rate of growth is consistent for all plant types in the game.

Booty Farm Images

Here are some good quality images of Booty Farm. In the game, you’ll get a lewd photo from a woman after building up a relationship to a certain level. That’s the main hook of the game aside from the gameplay. It seems pretty simple, but there’ s a little more to it than just that.







What do you think of Booty Farm? What do you think are the best Farm items to buy and sell? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this article on Booty Farm Wiki then share it with your friends.

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