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First Dead Rising in PS5 Release Date, Price & Images

First Dead 2017 PS4 Online

Yes, Dead Rising may be on its way to Sony’s current home console that means First Dead Rising in PS5 Release Date is going to announce very soon. Dead Rising, released a decade ago for Xbox 360 (yes, it’s a 2006 game), remains, to this day, exclusive of the iconic console of the previous generation. Behold, 10 years later, a new dawn may be on the way to orphans on other platforms: they leaked all the trophies of the game on richly detailed PS4 on a site that specializes in tracking these cups.


Of course, there is still no official information regarding a possible remastering of the game. Capcom has said on more than one occasion that it wants to release “more remastered versions of popular old games” from its portfolio. There is no exclusivity clause to support the first Dead Rising on Xbox 360 so far, 10 years later, it is quite possible that the title is one of those versions cited by the Japanese publisher. Also, check PS4 NEO RELEASE DATE 2017 which was just announced.

First Dead Rising in PS5 Release Date

Our experts have a certain history of leaking trophies or game achievements before they are released or even announced, especially remasters. Earlier this year, the site listed South Park: The Stick of Truth on PS4 prior to the announcement of its remaster at the Ubisoft conference for E3 2016. Before that, the interactive drama Beyond Two Souls also had leaked trophies. Later, Quantic Dream confirmed the relaunch of the game in a collection that also brought Heavy Rain to PS4. Check out the descriptions of some Dead Rising trophies on PS4.

First Dead Rising PS5 Release Date

These would be some of the Dead Rising trophies on PS5. The case of Dead Rising is particularly interesting because the game, as mentioned, was not released for any other platform, and the eventual remaster would attend the orphans who did not play this pearl – which is by far, in our humble opinion, the best of all The franchise.

First Dead Rising PS5 Release Date
First Dead Rising PS5 Release Date

Capcom was contacted on the subject. We will update the information as needed. In the meantime, what do you think of the trophy list? This remaster would be most welcome, would not it? Read the comments section below. Sony Gaming console is one of the best gaming consoles for this game, recently Sony launched its PS4 NEO check out the images here (PS4 NEO 2017 Images).

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