Hearthstone Arena Tier List [June] 2023

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If you are looking for Hearthstone Arena Tier List then this article is for you.  For professional gamers these days, gaming has become different compared to what it has been in the past few years. Initially knowing a few things about the online game that you were about to play worked easily for everyone. But the situation is different now as every gamer needs to understand the complexities of the game in every aspect.

One such aspect of the game is its characters and having characters with the potential to easily win the game is the dream of every gamer. Today in this article we are going to talk about the Hearthstone Arena game and the Hearthstone Arena Tier List to better understand the characters of the game.

Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Hearthstone Arena Tier List

About Hearthstone Arena

Hearthstone Arena itself isn’t a game, on contrary, the Arena is a game mode in Hearthstone where players battle against other players in a tournament format for the chance to earn considerable rewards. In the Arena mode, Players choose cards out of 30 separate selections of cards, building a 30-card deck to do battle against other players.

The game continues until the players have either suffered 3 losses or claimed 12 victories, where after the victories they will be granted a number of rewards based on the final number of wins they have achieved.

Hearthstone Arena Tier List [June] 2023

The ones who are already familiar with Hearthstone know that it is a deck-building game by Blizzard and has to date seen continuous success and support from its fans.

Various gamers have also come across continuous changes with the introduction of patch 19 as they are intended to enhance the gaming experience by balancing the existing meta. You will be excited to know that there’s a lot to unpack if you’re looking to take Hearthstone Arena in competitive as well as ranked matches.

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To get it done with this, we have compiled a tier list that ranks the deck builds from best to worst as they are mentioned in various Tiers ranging from S – Tier being the best to F – Tier being the worst.

Though each class in the game is unique, all cannot be equal. One thing that you need to remember is that the tier list mentioned below is for the Arena game mode of Hearthstone and there is a separate tier list for the Battlegrounds game mode.

S Tier List

The S Tier of the Hearthstone Arena Tier List builds come with high win rates in competitive and ranked matches. These decks can be effective at any point in a match, and help you in reducing damage for players of various play styles. An example of a class from this Tier is given below.

Demonic AssaultWarlock
Fire breatherWarlock
Entitled CustomerWarlock
Ring MatronWarlock
Cascading DisasterWarlock
Lord GodfreyWarlock

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Warlock – In Warlock class, you can have Notable Cards like Demonic Assault, Firebreather, Entitled Customer, Ring Matron, Cascading Disaster, and Lord Godfrey.

It is a hard-to-use class and that is because of its complex mechanics that require immense strategy in every match. This class is used in either slow or fast-paced gameplay to take advantage of its Hero Powers. If you are able to learn to play this class, it will surely make you an unstoppable force in the game.

Warlock: Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Warlock: Hearthstone Arena Tier List

A Tier List

Though the A-Tier of the Hearthstone Arena Tier List classes is not as powerful as the S-Tier ones, the gap between both can easily decrease with experience and skill. An example of a class from this Tier is given below.

Characters Color
Venomous ScorpidDemon Hunter
Illidari InquisitorDemon Hunter
Expendable PerformersDemon Hunter
Ysera the DreamerDemon Hunter
Alexstrasza the Life-BinderDemon Hunter
Sword EaterWarrior
Outrider’s AxeWarrior
Livewire LanceWarrior
Venomous ScorpidWarrior
Dragon RoarWarrior
Deathwing the DestroyerWarrior
Seedcloud BucklerPaladin
Venomous ScorpidPaladin
Wrapped GolemPaladin
Hammer of the NaaruPaladin
Truesilver ChampionPaladin

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Demon Hunter – In Demon Hunter class you can have Notable Cards like Venomous Scorpid, Illidari Inquisitor, Expendable Performers, Ysera the Dreamer, and Alexstrasza the Life-Binder.

If you are one of the aggressive players out there from the start of the match, then the Demon Hunter deck is perfect for you. This class aims to overwhelm the opponent quickly before they can even get the time to think about what’s happening around them.

Demon Hunter: Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Demon Hunter: Hearthstone Arena Tier List

B Tier List

In this Tier list, we have classes that are still part of Hearthstone’s meta. To get the best out of them, they need a few adjustments to work in optimal condition, otherwise, they are seen as solid decks in the game. An example of a class from this Tier is given below.

Fire ElementalShaman
Venomous ScorpidShaman
Earth RevenantShaman
Whack-A-Gnoll HammerShaman
Tiny ToysShaman
Ysera the DreamerShaman
Varian, King of StormwindShaman
Desert SpearHunter
Baited ArrowHunter
Pack KodoHunter
Venomstrike BowHunter
Imported TarantulaHunter
Rats of Extraordinary SizeHunter
Rinling’s RifleHunter

Shaman – In the Shaman class you can have Notable Cards like Fire Elemental, Venomous Scorpid, Hex, Earth Revenant, and many more. As seen in the game, the Shaman needs to play aggressively, but the rewards can only be collected after several turns. Though it has powerful burst damage, can sometimes be weak against experienced players.

Shaman: Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Shaman: Hearthstone Arena Tier List

C Tier List

Though these classes are not very good and will work only if you know what you’re doing in the game. An example of a class from this Tier is given below.

Firework ElementalMage
Fire SaleMage
Reckless ApprenticeMage
Grand FinaleMage
Puzzle Box of Yogg-SaronMage
Oasis SurgerDruid
Arbor UpDruid
Park PantherDruid
Druid of the PlainsDruid

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Mage – In the Mage class, you can have Notable Cards like Firework Elemental, Fire Sale, Reckless Apprentice, and many more. With Mage class, you will have powerful attacks for offense and several tricks for defense. Not as overpowering as others, but they are great in utility and match control.

Mage: Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Mage: Hearthstone Arena Tier List

F Tier List

Worst class in the game and if possible, players should always choose from Tiers above it. An example of a class from this Tier is given below.

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Pharaoh CatRogue
Oil Rig AmbusherRogue
SI:7 AgentRogue
Enthusiastic BankerRogue
Silas DarkmoonRogue
Holy NovaPriest
Shadow Word: DeathPriest
Elekk MountPriest
Blood of G’huunPriest
Serena BloodfeatherPriest

Rogue – In Rogue class, you will see that it is fun to play because of its early game control. Once you see that the match draws on, Rogue relies on setting up combos and synergies to gain an advantage.

Rogue: Hearthstone Arena Tier List
Rogue: Hearthstone Arena Tier List

This was the Hearthstone Arena Tier List that you must know if you are starting to play the game or have been a player. For more such information you can visit our site omggamer.com where we post news and the latest information on gaming, upcoming games, gaming builds, and much more. 

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