Is Prince of Persia 6 Release Date Soon? Clues for POP6

Prince of Persia 6 Release Date is Soon: This morning, we learned with enthusiasm the deposit of the domain name, then suggesting, as for Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands in its time, the arrival of a whole new episode of the illustrious saga: but because that the video game sphere is also deceitful and full of mischief, the theory of a fake slowly begins to grow with, as support, some questioning clues.

Prince of Persia 6 Release Date

The first of these lies in the fact that the website in question was deposited by Gandi SAS, or Ubisoft still operate by another platform called GoDaddy: moreover, the code of this enigmatic would reveal that the said domain name, would simply not be registered yet, and therefore not yet bought.


These few shells that leave pensive on Reddit more than one surfer then inflate the possibility of a deception, carried out by one or more clever little ones, obviously lovers of bad jokes. As it stands, if the thesis of identity theft is not to be excluded, we will still wait for an official press release from Ubisoft before complaining out loud: we are never safe a really good surprise. Let’s wait for the Prince of Persia 6 Release Date by the company.

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